Artwork Guidelines


We are not a “print it and forget it” company.  Your project is important to us and we want to make sure it is done right the first time.  Collaboration is the key.  If we have artwork questions we will ask and if you have concerns, please let us know!

Before we print you must approve a proof of the artwork.  Once approved we print the approved version, warts and all.  We can’t read your mind, so we trust that you really look at the proof carefully before you give it the thumbs up, literally, it’s a thumb icon.

Proofs are important because there are about a million shades of “plain red”.  One person’s fire engine red is someone else’s tomato red.  We do our best to match colors, but if you are a “really damn close isn’t good enough” person let us know.  Remember the color on your computer monitor may be significantly different than a printed color.


Techno Mumbo Jumbo Guidelines

 Format – Vector.  We prefer native Adobe Illustrator files- .eps, .ai or .pdf (if it contains vector art).  (fonts should be outlined and embedded). We can also work with High-Resolution JPEG.  We prefer Adobe files.  Always embed images, outline fonts and if they are not embedded send a separate file/document that calls out the fonts used.

 Color – Pantone colors in CMYK.  If color is critical let us know.  We do our best but different materials and substrates change the color.

Size – Artwork submitted should be the actual printed size.  Raster art needs to be a bare minimum of 100dpi.  300dpi or more is recommended.

File Size – More than 3Mb files should be uploaded to our Dropbox.  Contact us for instructions.

Bleeds – We print right to the edge of the color.  No bleed needed in most cases.

Fonts – Please outline fonts.  Embed all elements, including pictures, please.