Most artwork used for your project will fall into one of three general categories:

  1. You provide us with production ready artwork
  2. You provide your logo & text, then SGS does a simple, basic layout
  3. You provide general design guidance so SGS can create a designfor your project

Please see the section below that most closely matches your needs.

Production Ready Artwork

Vector art is best for large format work. We prefer .ai or .eps files, but can also work with .pdf files that contain vector art.

All images should be embedded and all fonts outlined unless you would like SGS to provide design time to edit/assist with your files.

Should your artwork contain raster images, our rule of thumb (NOT an absolute) is to use an image that is minimum 100 pixels per inch at full size for large clean reproduction.  We can work with .jpg, .tiff, .png and .psd files.

Please provide Pantone (PMS) color targets whenever possible.  And please keep in mind that raster art (.jpg, .png, .tiff and similar files) cannot be adjusted to hit specific color targets.  (See more info about color below).

The Mighty Sign Makers will make reasonable efforts to double check artwork provided by customers prior to going into production.  But when you give us something that’s production ready then we trust we can go into production!  Beware of transparencies and hidden layers – digital printers SEE and PRINT what may not be readily visible at first glance.  You may be responsible for redesign or reprinting costs if the art is not truly production ready.

Send your production ready art to  -OR-  Upload Here

Simple, Basic Layout

SGS regularly offers simple design & layout services.  We will need:

  • A clear understanding of your primary message
  • A vector version of your logo (.ai or .eps file preferred / some .pdf files contain vector art as an alternative)
  • Specific text/information required in the design
  • Guidance on color choices (see more info about color below)
  • Any other art elements (i.e., photos, sponsor logos, backgrounds etc.)
  • Should your artwork contain raster images, our rule of thumb (NOT an absolute) is to estimate 100 pixels per inch at full size for large format reproduction.  We can work with .jpg, .tiff, .png and .psd files.

Send your art elements to  -OR-  Upload Here

Create Design

SGS can either do a from the ground up design or connect you with one of our superb graphic design partners to do even more in-depth design and brand development.

We work with our customers to outline a specific scope of work for each individual design project so you know what to expect and how we will charge.  This is outlined in your project proposal.


Color matching can be a real challenge in the world of digital printing because each unique print device and each individual print media react to ink differently.  But the Mighty Sign Makers are up to the task.  We create our own print profiles and proactively manage color so we have as much control as possible on color outcome.

Our best advice is simple – please provide Pantone (PMS) colors or physical color samples whenever possible.  This gives us a clear target to aim for.  We have Pantone charts you can see in person if you’d like to come by our shop and pick a PMS color.

CYMK, RGB or Hex colors (to name a few) are not static color definitions – that’s why the logo color on your business cards may not match the color on your trade show banners or your website home page.  We can complete your project using these color definitions, but we can’t guarantee the color we deliver is the color you had in mind.

And just saying you want blue is not enough for us to make you truly happy.  Royal blue, navy blue, turquoise blue, sky blue?  You get the picture.

Finally – and THIS IS IMPORTANT: please do not rely on what you see on your computer monitor or desktop printer to validate colors.  What we produce is almost always going to be different.

If all of this sounds like a lot of mumbo jumbo to you, we’re here to help.  Come on by SGS any time to look at physical color samples and targets.  Or call/email us if we can help.   (360) 635-5556 / hello