Portable Signage is a convenient and cost-effective method of getting your messages out and keeping them in front of your audience.  Types of portable signage include Banners, Posters, A-board, Sidewalk Signs, Tents & Flags, and Foam Core signs.  Communication is critical for good temporary sign solutions.  We understand drop-dead dates and last-minute changes.  We talk with you to get it right the first time.  Contact us today about your future event signage and marketing needs.  Specialty Graphic Solutions is a full-service sign company able to handle all of your special event signage. The Mighty Sign Makers love special events!


The most common form of temporary or portable signage is a banner.  Because they come in a variety of materials many different applications use them.  A 13-ounce vinyl material is typically used for banners.  Heavier or lighter materials find usage for special applications such as street banners or extra large display.  Edge finishes inclulde taped hem, again most common, or sewn edges for higher durability.  Grommets, sort of a hollow rivet, provide a means for hanging or attaching to walls.  Outdoor applications need to take weather and wind into consideration.  Because of this, mesh materials or wind slits keep your banner from blowing in the wind.  Vinyl banners hold up well in wet conditions, something we know well here in the Pacific Northwest.  We print directly onto the banner material which means a customized sign for your sign.  We produce banners for construction sites, athletic events, fundraisers, new businesses, sponsorship, and wayfinding.


Sandwich boards, A-frames, and sidewalk signs all use a foldable design for temporary signs.  Today A-boards come in a variety of styles and materials.  The tried and true wooden A-frame with a hinge on the top is still a best seller.  However, specialized versions make it easy to find a style for unique needs.  If the wind is an issue then heavy weighted boards or boards on springs help considerably.  If your message changes periodically buy sandwich boards with removable and changeable panels.  Todays A-frame signs are made from injection mold plastics or traditional wood in many different shapes and colors.  Come in or call and let the Mighty Sign Makers help you find the sidewalk sign that best suits your needs.

Foam Core Signs

For indoor use, foam board provides one of the best solutions.  Foam core signs can be cut into shapes and are available in sizes ranging from tabletop to larger than a sheet of plywood (4 by 8 feet).  It is very lightweight and easy to transport.  However, it doesn’t fold which means larger sizes require a little more planning for transportation.  One of the best things about this type of sign is cost.  They are very cost effective so they don’t bust your budget.  Retail and Point-of-Sale displays use foam core almost exclusively because of cost and flexibility.  The Mighty Sign Makers create a variety of shapes and designs then custom print to meet your needs.  If you need a single cutout Sasquatch or a whole passel of table signs we provide creative solutions your marketing department will love.  We customize each sign which makes them great for special events like fundraisers, corporate retreats, or other one time events that need a professional look.

Tents and Flags

Although not technically temporary, custom flags, tents, background walls add a professional feel to any event.  Custom printed tents and beach flags are made from fabric that is printed using dye-sublimation.  Dye-sub inks allow complex designs, even pictures, to be used on almost anything made of fabric.  We create backdrops and tent walls from a heavy duty vinyl that is less expensive to print and very durable.  Cost can be a barrier, especially on tents.  Because the price seems high you must really keep in mind that the return on investment may take longer but it will happen.  Swooper flags and beach flags come in many sizes and shapes.  Single printed side flags are cost-effective but depending on wind direction may read backward to the audience.  Double sided flags typically are three pieces including a blackout layer in the middle.  This layer makes each side of the flag readable regardless of wind direction.

Posters and Cards

Postcards and posters help you get your message out to the masses.  Poster paper and cardstock is available in different weights and finishes.  Therefore you can pick the look that is best for your marketing.  Like flags, they can be single or double-sided.  The Mighty Sign Makers can help with design and layout or you can just give us the art and sit back while we do the work.  When we work with event managers our holistic approach means all aspects of your event signage is covered.  Temporary signs don’t have to be signs at all as long as you communicate your message.

Coroplast Yard and Sidewalk Signs

Corrugated plastic, or coro, is sold by sign companies as a very inexpensive short-term display sign.  Viewed from the top there are a series of channels that provide rigidity, almost exactly like cardboard.  These corrugations allow metal stakes, called H-stakes to be inserted into the sign then stuck into the ground.  When grommeted, yard signs can be attached as fence signs or hanging signs.  Being plastic makes them weather resistant signs and reusable signs.  Like foam core, corrugated plastic signs come in many sizes.  Typically yard signs sizes are 24×18 inches and larger sheets can be any size up to 5 feet by 10 feet.  Real estate, construction companies, and special events all use sidewalk signs and yard signs for temporary signs.


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