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4 Tips About Trade Show Displays

4 Tips About Trade Show Displays

Are your trade show displays small, scraped and a bit worn around the edges? Are you hoping to squeeze one or two more seasons out of your tired displays? Beware of making a fool’s bargain, particularly when you see other exhibitors sporting new trade show displays, custom booths, and ultra-modern retractable banner stands.

What do the experts say? Trade Show Executive, the industry insider publication dedicated to keeping a watchful eye on what makes trade shows grow, work and prosper, has crunched the numbers and published them in a research roundup. The findings are eye-opening.

1. Attend 9+ events a year

To keep in step with your competition, you need to commit to attending at least nine trade shows this year. And experts say the optimum booth size is about 200 net square feet. If your equipment cannot keep up with these minimum requirements, you might have a difficult time keeping pace with other retailers or service providers in your niche. Our customer Alde uses three different size displays so no matter space a trade show offers, they can still make an impact.

2. Be ready to sell to consumers who are ready to buy NOW

Effective exhibit displays have the power to influence the buying decisions of attendees who are already predisposed to parting with their money. Researchers discovered that 69 percent of trade show attendees were eager to buy new products. Does your current display persuasively argue in favor of buying from you versus the competition?  A professional, eye-catching display with a well-targeted message is a critical tool that helps draw in those customers who are looking for the right place to spend their money.

3. Take advantage of a captive audience

Did you know that trade show visitors spend about 8.3 hours looking at the wide variety of exhibits that businesses put up? Does your current display setup compare favorably to the competitor next door? If he has all the bells and whistles while your banner stands are broken and held together in the back with duct tape, you are missing out on making that crucial first impression a great one. In fact, some visitors might just keep walking without so much as a glance in your direction. How can you get their attention? With floor graphics! One of your best promotion strategies is under your feet.

The Humane Society of Southwest Washington uses a couple of pull-up banners to make a statement and catch the eye of people walking by.

The Humane Society of Southwest Washington uses a couple of pull-up banners to make a statement and catch the eye of people walking by.

4. Don’t get left behind growing exhibit trends

Square footage at trade shows is increasing by 2.4 percent; the number of exhibitors is growing by 1.5 percent. There are 2.9 percent more attendees walking through the aisles than there were a year ago. These new eyeballs and new competitors mean that you have to be bringing your A-game and your best display tools. And your A-game means being able to outshine your competitors. Check out how one company utilized attendees as a way to promote their brand at a convention all with the color orange.

The report from Trade Show Executive has an in-depth look at the value of participating. Of course, the most persuasive statistic is the cost of making a face-to-face contact. While it costs about $96 to do so at a trade show, you have to be prepared to spend $1,039 to persuade a consumer to walk through your door via other means. Clearly, new trade show displays are a steal when you consider the real expense of making contact with the help of other advertising tools.

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