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Floor Graphics Case Study

Removable floor graphic foot prints

Use Floor Graphics to Improve Sales – A Case Study

Fear not retailers — we have ideas to help you attract the attention of busy shoppers, including one unique advertising method that’s been under your feet all along: floor graphics. A floor graphics case study conducted by Flexcon examines just how positive the impact of vinyl floor decals can be on store sales.


Klem’s, a central Massachusetts retailer selling everything from clothing and household goods to farming and gardening supplies, first used floor graphics to advertise Carhartt  – a nationally recognized work apparel brand. This initial marketing experiment with floor graphics increased sales 31 percent.

A year later, Klem’s decided to try the floor graphics again to see what effect it would have on sales of Scotts Miracle-Gro gardening products. The second campaign was more complex. The floor graphics led customers through the store to a specific yard care products area and created a brighter and more interactive shopping experience.

According to the case study, “The eye-catching Scotts’ graphics proved a hit with both adults and children, who . . . would sometimes lead their parents through the store, stomping on the oversized insects.  These graphics were a people mover. They drove the traffic to the Scotts’ products. It was great to see how children reacted, physically jumping up and down through the store.”

Sale Increase Percentage

Sales of Scotts’ products increased 29% during the period of the promotion.  In addition, overall yard and garden sales were up 18% during that same time frame.  Not bad . . .

Floor graphics are a vibrant way to showcase a product and generate interest in a brand. They can also enhance the shopping experience of customers and direct their attention to the products retailers want to feature.

And it’s not too late to add floor graphics to your holiday marketing plans.  We can generally produce ready-to-install floor graphics within just a week.   

If the Flexcon study has piqued your interest but you want to learn more about how to incorporate floor graphics as part of a broader marketing campaign, you might want to check out the work we did with iQ Credit Union.  iQ used paw prints to lead members through the branches as part of a quarterly campaign promoting Doggone Low Rates on various loan products.  The campaign was so successful iQ actually extended it for an extra month.

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