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Lobby Signs Signal New Company Direction for Astadia – Project Update

silver sign with Astadia lobby signs for rebranding

New Lobby Sign for Astadia

When Astadia and Idea merged into a single entity, they created a new logo to symbolize the direction of their business.  And when they needed this new logo displayed on eye-catching new lobby signs, Specialty Graphic Solutions was there to help.

We were able to handle the design, production, and installation for reception signs in five of Astadia’s US offices.  Using a single point of contact, our process made it easy for Astadia to have their new company logo proudly displayed in multiple locations across the country.

The end result was five sleek, modern signs that were installed in Dallas and Houston, Texas; Jacksonville, Florida; Nashua, New Hampshire; and Raleigh, North Carolina. The lobby signs feature a brushed silver aluminum rectangle with a brightly colored raised logo and black lettering to make Astadia stand out to anyone who enters their offices.

Astadia Logo

Astadia CEO Rebecca Rogers Tijerino explained what the new logo means to the company. “The triangle symbolizes creativity; the delicate combination of colors is the powerful combination of ideas and skills; the peak points to the cloud, where technology and our aspirations lie; and its shape resembles an ‘A’ for Astadia. It is such a thoughtful and meaningful logo. Every company should be so lucky.”

Astadia specializes in helping businesses improve their internal data so they can serve customers better. They are dedicated to creating “a simpler tomorrow” for businesses and we were proud to be part of Astadia’s new look and new company direction.

Specialty Graphic Solutions makes it easy for clients to complete a job in more than one location with exceptional results.

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