New Business Signs Attract Customers to Salon – Project Update

Marketing got you overwhelmed? Need a smart solution? Well, I for one like to keep things simple. Why mull over apps and conversions if I don’t have to? After all, the most direct path to a customer is always the most effective. Recently, we had the pleasure of helping a salon owner with her sign needs. She wanted to attract customers to her new location and signs are one of the most cost effective marketing tools she could choose.  So we created three including:

  • A backlit panel for a tall monument sign in front of the salon complex
  • An awning sign over the front entrance 
  • Window graphics on the front doors with logo and hours of operation

These new business signs be as effective – if not even more effective – than many other high tech, trendy marketing tools. For example, the backlit panel acts like an announcement. It’s as if the salon owner was actually standing outside saying, “Hey look – we’re located here at this building.” Thankfully, with the new sign she doesn’t actually have to stand curbside but you get the idea. Customers can easily find this new location and potential customers now know her services are available.

An awning sign is like the cover of a book. It’s a rare opportunity to make a good impression. Imagine for a second you have a choice between Emily’s Salon and Joe Bob’s Hair Hut – the only difference between Emily’s and Joe Bob’s is that Emily has a professionally designed awning sign and Joe Bob’s entrance looks like his cousin took a bucket of paint to the front of the building and free-handed a “We’re Open” sign. Not a very hard decision to make, don’t you agree? Believe it or not many entrepreneurs neglect the new business signs detail but when it comes to competitive advantage sometimes the details are all that matter.

Blank doors that leave customers guessing what time your shop opens is a nightmare. Have you ever walked into an office that had no signs on its doors? Whenever this happens I always wonder if I’m in the right place. The last thing you need is a confused customer. Of course, new business signs can solve that problem. 

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