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Minnehaha Early Learning Center Lights Up with Backlit Electric Pole Sign!

The worst part about opening up a new location for your organization is finding that there’s already a large primary identification sign on the property that has the name of another business on it. Great! Now, what’re you going to do? You could change the name of your organization to match what’s on the sign. Or, you can call Specialty Graphic Solutions to update the markers. Minnehaha Early Learning Center chose the latter option and contacted us for exterior signs for schools in Vancouver, WA.

Minnehaha Is No Joke

Located on Northeast Saint Johns Road in Vancouver, Minnehaha Early Learning Center is an early childhood learning center recently opened up by Educational Services District (ESD) 112. The goals of ESD 112 are threefold: student success, healthy communities, and operations expertise. For 40 years, they’ve been a key educational partner in delivering and creating programs that benefit children, communities, and schools in Southwest Washington.

When an organization that does so much for our area youth came to us for backlit electric pole signs in Vancouver, WA, we grabbed our pencils and rulers and got down to work. We’d performed work for ESD 112 in the past. Specifically, we refurbished a monument sign for the Hough Early Learning Center. You can see it on our Building & Monument Sign page or browse our gallery for more examples! The new location for Minnehaha needed new graphics on the pole sign that was already on the property. You better believe our mighty sign makers were up for the task!

What We Did for Minnehaha

After an initial consultation during which we checked out the pole sign and took some measurements, we came up with some ideas for ESD 112. You see, the sign had to be visible in daylight as well as with light shining through it when it was lit at night. To determine the right color saturation, we consulted with the customer to find out their preferences.

To avoid the logo being washed out when the light shone through the sign panel at night, we ended up printing a darker shade of the logo. We produced a full-color digital print on translucent vinyl with a protective laminate. The vinyl was then mounted to a brand new 10-foot wide by 5-foot high sign panel made of 3/16” thick polycarbonate. We then worked with ESD 112 to install the new sign face at a time that was convenient for them.

In the end, we received a glowing report card from our client. Job well done!

We Can Give You the SGS Treatment

Is your new venue covered with signs from the previous tenant? Don’t change your company name just yet! We can come to your site, closely examine the existing markers, and determine whether we can simply reface the signage or need to replace them all together. We believe in providing eco-friendly and affordable solutions to our customers so we’ll seek to refurbish signs whenever possible. If this is out of the question, we can design high-quality signs from scratch that’ll last you for many years to come.

Want to get your new location started off right? Contact SGS today for a free consultation!

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