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Unique Vehicle Wraps? We’ve Got ‘Em!

Sure, we see vehicle wraps on cars, trucks, and vans on the road every day. They’re hard to miss. Yet, not all of us get around using these common modes of transportation. These days, and particularly in this part of the country, people are using all sorts of novel ways to travel. Who’s to say we can’t wrap a boat? Or a golf cart? No one. No one can tell us that we can’t wrap these things. So, that’s exactly what we did. Check out some of our unique vehicle wraps for Vancouver, WA in today’s blog post.

Slick Golf Carts on and off the Links

Just because golf carts are commonly used to transport horribly dressed people doesn’t mean that the carts themselves have to look bad. Dress up your golf carts with vehicle graphics. Who isn’t envious of someone driving a golf cart around? Make them more envious with sweet graphics.

We applied the logo for ISG to one of their golf carts. Much to the chagrin of their employees, ISG doesn’t have an on-premises golf course. However, they do use a golf cart to cruise around their large campus. Now, the cart carries their branding and lends a level of authority to the vehicle.

Show Your Forklift that You Really Care

Forklift drivers sometimes spend more time with their four-wheeled friends than they do with their family. So, it’s only natural for a bond to develop. What better way to tell your forklift that you love her than with vehicle graphics? That’s exactly what we did for one forklift named Esther. We also included flowery flourishes. Now, one Vancouver forklift driver is traveling around in style.

Hit the Road with RV Murals

Is there anything more iconic than hitting America’s road in an RV? Whether you’re just traveling to the mountains or the coast for the weekend or you’re spending months traveling the continent, RV murals are excellent conversation starters. One of our clients chose to incorporate an artistic rendering of their two dogs applied to the rear of their camper. Now, Fluffy and Toto (names changed to protect the innocent) can be with them wherever they may roam.

Enter the Dragon Boat

Through some fault of our own, we’ve become somewhat of a legendary sign shop within the dragon boating community. In addition to having wrapped several dragon boats in the Pacific Northwest and beyond, we’ve also wrapped paddles to be used as trophies. You may think that just any sign maker can wrap a dragon boat. This simply isn’t true. A sign company must have large enough facilities to protect the wrap job from the elements while they install the graphics so they’ll look great for many eras (or years) to come.

Do you notice the trend yet? That’s right: we can apply vinyl graphics to just about anything with a smooth, nonporous surface. Don’t believe us? Put our mighty sign makers to the challenge today. Contact SGS for a free consultation on unique vehicle wraps for Vancouver, WA.

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