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What’s Next for iQ Credit Union? How About a Wrapped Scion IQ?

You may remember our friends at iQ Credit Union from such blog posts as “Go Wild with Floor Graphics that Get Noticed” and “Life-Size Cutouts Are Big Part of Legendary Marketing Promotion.” As one of our favorite clients, they came back with a unique request. The mission at hand (and we did choose to accept it); Vehicle Wraps!

A Little Info about iQCU

iQ Credit Union has more than a dozen branches throughout Vancouver. They’ve been serving the area for 75 years. iQ was founded by a group of teachers with the goal of helping others in their profession borrow and save. Today, iQ has members in any profession, or no profession at all. The name comes from the credit union’s emphasis on financial intelligence and a commitment to educators.

When iQ asked us about Vancouver car wraps, we jumped at the chance to help them. So, what kind of car do you think iQ wanted us to wrap? You have one guess. That’s right: a Scion IQ.

The Scion IQ was already wrapped with iQ’s original graphics, but since they’ve updated their branding, they wanted their ride to reflect that new look.

The brilliant Marketing Team at the credit union had already created a design for the wrap. They just needed us to print and install it. Of course, as a full service commercial sign company, our mighty sign makers at Specialty Graphic Solutions can take care of the design part of the process for you, too.

Clean Green Vinyl Cling

Actually, it’s more like adhesive vinyl and not cling, but that just doesn’t rhyme. The laminate and film for this project are from one of our favorite manufacturers, 3M. Their Envision Cast Wrap is perfect for those of us who want to keep it green. What makes it green? We’re glad you asked. This vinyl is made in part with bio-based materials, non-PVC, has improved removability, is made without chlorine or other halogens added, and phthalate free. Don’t know what any of that means? That’s okay. Just know that it’s better for the air we breathe and the water we drink.

While you are enjoying that water, take a moment to view this slick time lapse video of the installation process. You can see that we take our time to make sure the job is done right. This ensures the Scion IQ car wraps will last for many years to come. In the end, we had another satisfied client.

Wraps as Unique as Your Business

You don’t need to run a credit union to take advantage of vinyl car wraps. In fact, you don’t even need to be in the financial sector at all. We lay down more wraps than Kanye West interrupting the latest awards ceremony. And, we do it for every type of business, including independent contractors, delivery vehicles, auto dealerships, as well as personal vehicles.

Do you want to dress your car to impress? Contact the experts at SGS today, and we’ll show you what we can do.