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Where’s Your Fleet? Is it Hidden Because All Your Vehicles Are White?

Most of us can tell the difference between movies and real life. However, it’s hard to escape the impressions we get that are formed by watching TV shows, movies, or other media. One of these stereotypes that most of us have is that a plain, unmarked, windowless van is being used for no good. It could be the bumbling robbers after Kevin McCallister in Home Alone. Or, it might be kidnappers trying to nab a hostage.

Whatever may come to mind when you see one of these vehicles, it’s unlikely that you think, “Oh man, I should hire that contractor for my new remodel!” It just won’t happen because nobody knows who these work vehicles belong to. That’s why you need fleet graphics Vancouver consumers will recognize.

“Fleet Graphics? Kind of Pricey Right?”

The mighty sign makers at Specialty Graphics Solutions have years of experience helping outfit fleets with attractive vinyl lettering and graphics. And, you don’t need to be Scrooge McDuck to afford it. You would be amazed at what we are able to do with the slimmest of budgets. We can work with you whether your fleet is 40+ work trucks or just two delivery vans.

If you are Scrooge McDuck (can we swim in your pool of gold coins?) or just have a little extra money to spend, we’d like to recommend that you try our partial or full vehicle wraps for your fleet, since they command the most attention. If this is a bit steep for you, there are plenty of other alternatives.

Affordable Options for Your Fleet

With our fleet graphics and maintenance plans, we’ll help you get the word out about your business. To have the biggest impact, our talented graphic designers work with the specific color, make, and model of your vans, cars, and trucks for the perfect vehicle decals. We can even work with your aftermarket parts. Some of the more common ways to display your enterprise’s contact information, name, and logo on your vehicles are:

  • Vehicle Lettering – Also referred to as truck lettering, vehicle lettering has come a long way since your grandpa painted some black letters on his white van to advertise his business. These days, you can choose any colors you want, even colors that didn’t even exist in your grandpa’s day. Plus, there are neon, reflective, metallic, and matte fleet vehicle lettering. Vancouver entrepreneurs should keep in mind that this is the most affordable way to put your message on your fleet.
  • Decals – Custom decals come in an array of different sizes and shapes and can be installed quickly on your trucks. They work well in conjunction with vehicle lettering.
  • Spot Graphics – If you really want to get some brand recognition, you gotta have your business’s logo on the side of your vehicles. Spot graphics are the perfect way to do this. Also, with sharp, vibrant spot graphics, you can showcase your products and handiwork. For contractors, nothing says a job will be done well than images of a job well done.

If you are tired of your clients mistaking your workers for Home Alone burglars, contact SGS today for a free quote and consultation on fleet graphics. 

Questions? Drop us a line at hello@SGSgraphic.com or call us at (360) 635-5556 and unless we’re up to our elbows in alligators, a live person will answer. If you leave a message we will call you back pronto.

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