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RoofLine Supply’s New “Building” Signs Fabricated to Get Noticed!

Moving your business to a new location isn’t just about having a roof over your head. You also need to have doors and restroom facilities and electricity-oh yeah, and signage! If you want to attract new clients and get loyal customers to follow you to your new space, you must have building signs marking your location. RoofLine Supply recognized this, so they contacted the friendly professionals at Specialty Graphic Solutions for exterior building signs Vancouver WA consumers will notice.

RoofLine Supply Demystified

RoofLine Supply has more than twenty locations throughout the Western United States. Their newest location is on Northeast 13th Avenue in Vancouver. They specialize in the distribution of the finest commercial and residential roofing products and accessories. The business has evolved quite a bit, since they first opened their doors in the early ‘90s.

When a business that’s dedicated to keeping our homes safe from the harsh elements came to us for commercial building signs Vancouver WA consumers would notice, our mighty sign makers jumped into action. RoofLine needed a variety of different markers for their new digs, including building signs and window graphics. Only a bad case of the shingles could keep us from taking on this job.

RoofLine Gets the SGS Treatment

To make sure RoofLine didn’t violate any terms of their lease, we started the project by talking with the landlord for the new facility. The landlord expressed concern about the number of holes that would need to be drilled into the exterior for individual dimensional letters to be installed. No problem! Instead, we suggested that we could apply the letters to a panel, which would then be mounted to the building. The landlord was happy because it would require less holes drilled into the facade. Plus, the installation would be a lot faster on our end.

We created two signs: a larger 24 foot by 3.5 foot sign that would be visible from the major highway nearby and a smaller 8 foot by 4 foot sign facing the driveway consumers would use to get to the RoofLine building. We used 3mm aluminum composite panels painted to blend into the color of the building’s siding. The raised letters are made of half inch thick black PVC with black paint. We chose black instead of RoofLine’s blue to provide for maximum contrast and readability.

We were able to use their blue for the graphics we applied to the main entrance doors that welcome new clients to their warehouse and showroom. The graphics were made from cut vinyl. In the end, RoofLine had excellent signage for their new venue. And, we had another satisfied customer. In fact, next week, we’re installing a new raised letter lobby sign for their showroom!

SGS is able to handle multiple big jobs at the same time. So, while we’re working on the new signage for RoofLine, we can also get started on an exterior building sign project for you. If you need a beacon to attract new shoppers to your showroom, contact us today for a free, no-strings-attached consultation!

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