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Clark County Food Bank Adds Freezer Door Graphics in Vancouver!

The question nonprofits are asked most frequently is “What is it that you do?” The Clark County Food Bank decided to take the bull by the horns with this question and contacted the experts at Specialty Graphic Solutions to create and install graphics that would show in vibrant imagery exactly what they do.

Clark County Food Bank? What’s that?

If you’re unfamiliar with the Clark County Food Bank, you can actually get a good idea of what they do by taking a look at the graphics we created for them. Located on Northeast 47th Avenue in Vancouver, the food bank picks up unsold food on a daily basis from local grocery stores and other sources. They then distribute it to partner agencies, who in turn identify families and individuals in need and provide them with food boxes. Everyone wins: grocery stores get rid of unwanted food, those in need get food, and nothing is wasted!

 The blank white freezer...

The blank white freezer…

When an organization that provides such a valuable service to our community came to us for food bank freezer graphics Vancouver WA would appreciate, we got right down to work! In the past, we’d produced vehicle graphics for the food bank. They were so pleased with the job we did, they came to us with the plan of creating a giant mural for their sliding commercial freezer door that would demonstrate how the food travels from the grower to a family’s table.

 ...Received quite the treatment from our Mighty Sign Makers!

…Received quite the treatment from our Mighty Sign Makers!

The food bank had a few criteria for us:

  • The graphics couldn’t impede volunteers or other workers from sliding the door open and closed many times throughout the day.
  • We had to use a single panel to cover the entire area. Multiple pieces wouldn’t work.
  • Must be durable and long lasting.
  • They needed to communicate a story clearly and simply.
  • It had to be colorful.
  • And, the finished product had to be mounted directly to the top half of a huge commercial walk-in freezer door.

The Food Bank Got the SGS Treatment

 Mission accomplished!

Mission accomplished!

First of all, the Clark County Food Bank provided us with really great artwork created by a tuttle design. They’re one of our favorite graphic design companies in Vancouver, but you don’t need to take our word for it. Just look at that freezer door!

For this project, we chose to use a quarter inch thick polycarbonate panel that measured 61” by 104”. With our wide format digital printer, we reverse printed the full-color, vibrant graphics directly to the back of the material. As you can tell, the image shows through the material perfectly, and the ink is scratch resistant. We used our sign router to bevel the edges of the panel, so workers wouldn’t scratch up their shoulders on sharp edges as they pushed the freezer door open.

 An abstract view!

An abstract view!

Finally, for the installation, we used commercial, clear 3M VHB tape for a solid hold. We also removed the door handle for the installation and drilled the polycarbonate, so the mural could be behind the handle. In the end, we had another satisfied customer!

If you’re interested in volunteering with the food bank or want to donate food or other resources, you can learn more here.

If you’re in need of food bank freezer graphics, Vancouver WA can turn to the friendly mighty sign makers at SGS. Contact us today for a free quote and consultation!

Questions? Drop us a line at hello@SGSgraphic.com or call us at (360) 635-5556 and unless we’re up to our elbows in alligators, a live person will answer. If you leave a message we will call you back pronto.

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