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Fantastic-Looking “Legal Eagle” Lobby Sign for Local Law Firm!

When visitors enter the lobby of your business, is there any way for them to tell that they’re in the right place? Or, are they forced to ask your already-swamped receptionist? And, while we’re asking questions: would consumers recognize your logo if they saw it in a lineup? If you aren’t welcoming clients with a lobby sign, you’re missing a great branding opportunity. Angus Lee Law Firm recognized this, so they contacted the mighty sign makers at Specialty Graphic Solutions for lobby signs for attorneys in Vancouver, WA.

Angus Lee Law Firm’s Expertise

Located in Vancouver and defending cases throughout Washington, Angus Lee Law Firm, PLLC is the law practice of Angus and Jennifer Lee. They’ve served as lead counsel in criminal cases ranging from DUIs to homicides. And, they’ve argued cases before the Washington Court of Appeals as well as the Supreme Court for the state. They also believe in giving back to the community along with our nation: both have served in the United States Marine Corps.

When such upstanding members of our area came to us for a lobby sign for their law firm in Vancouver, WA, we’d have to plead insanity to pass up the chance to help out. Angus’s new location had plain white walls in the reception area leading to his office. The first step was to for us to listen to his vision and goals. He had the following criteria:

  • The sign must look professional to reflect the professionalism of the firm
  • They wanted a dimensional sign – not a flat panel
  • It must incorporate the firm’s existing red and gold logo
  • Oh yeah, and they needed it completed – designed, produced, and installed – within nine business days!

With these types of signs, we don’t generally have such a short turnaround, but we can always do our best to make special accommodations for clients who need a project completed quickly.

We Admit to the Allegations that We Created an Outstanding Lobby Sign

We were on the clock, so we had to get down to work right away. To create the dimensional look, we took a two-tiered approach. For the first level, we used 3mm brushed gold Alupanel aluminum composite sign material to portray the rich metallic appearance of the firm’s red and gold logo. For the second tier, quarter inch thick P95 frosted acrylic was mounted three-quarters of an inch off the gold panel. The frosted panel was bright enough to create a sharp contrast with the logo while still being transparent enough to let a hint of the brushed gold back panel through.

We applied cut vinyl text to the face of the acrylic to perfectly match the Angus Lee branding. Overall, the construction was kept simple enough to allow us to create the sign and install it within a few days. The finished product was five feet wide by twenty inches high and standoff mounted for extra dimensionality!

Angus had no objections to the finished project. In fact, he was extremely pleased. Case dismissed! Next on the docket: a new building sign for the firm!

Now that you have enough evidence to reach the verdict that your enterprise needs reception area signage, please consider contacting SGS for a free quote and consultation today!

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