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New Exterior Building Sign for Kings Cross Automotive!

Take a moment to envision going to a high-end restaurant and being greeted with a tattered banner as their only exterior signage. You’d probably think twice about dropping $20 on an escargot appetizer. Your outdoor signs say a lot about what kind of services and products consumers can expect to find in your fine establishment. Kings Cross Automotive recognized this, so they contacted the mighty sign makers at SGS for buildings signs for auto service centers in Vancouver, WA.

Kings Cross Automotive? What’s That?

Located on East Reserve Street in Vancouver, Kings Cross Automotive specializes in repairing fancy automobiles, specifically Land Rovers and Jaguars. Their team has more than two decades of combined experience. The staff of certified, factory trained technicians use the latest computer diagnostic equipment to quickly diagnose, service, and fix any faults. Their mission is to provide dealership quality repairs without the additional expense.

When a business that provides such valuable services to the drivers of the Pacific Northwest came to us for exterior building signs for automotive centers in Vancouver, WA, we were more than happy to help out. Kings Cross has only been around since 2014, and since their opening, they’ve used a banner on their building next to the entrance to announce their presence. They were ready to for a more permanent arrangement. They called the right people!

We’re Bringing Classy Back

Kings Cross contacted us for an acrylic sign featuring standoffs. We like to make sure our clients are completely satisfied throughout every step of the process. Even if their name isn’t “Kings Cross,” we still treat all customers as kings. We didn’t think acrylic would be the best choice, since the building is brick, and the brick would show through the transparency of the acrylic and make it hard to read the logo. So, in addition to giving them a mockup of the acrylic sign, we also showed them how sharp and elegant a brushed silver back panel would look and let them decide what they wanted.

We felt the brushed silver complemented the appearance of their website and other marketing materials, and in the end, Kings Cross agreed. They gave us the go ahead to move forward with their new marker.

We started with 3mm brushed silver finish aluminum composite sign material. Specifically, we used the popular AluPanel. For the front of the sign, we affixed custom routed quarter-inch thick painted PVC logo and letters. On the face of the PVC shield logo, we used a laminated, digital print to ensure we got the graphics just right.

To add an extra level of depth to the marker, we utilized six satin silver finish standoffs to mount the sign. In fact, as Kings Cross outgrows their current location and the need for a bigger venue becomes apparent, they can simply unscrew the mount caps for the sign and take it with them to the new site.

They were so happy with their new sign that they also had us update their cut vinyl graphics above the entrance to their Parts and Service Desk and on the front door. And, we’ll soon be wrapping their silver Land Rover with vehicle graphics.

Are you ready to attract those shoppers who rove the land like big cats to your storefront? If so, contact SGS today for appealing exterior markers!

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