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Retail Store Signs That Sell! We Promise!

So, you’ve spent the money on entertaining advertisements that have people talking about your shop. You have outstanding exterior signs that get the attention of passersby and direct consumers to your store. Now, that you’ve gone to all the effort of getting potential customers through your door, how are you going to convince them to take out their wallets and “make it rain”?  One way to loosen those purse strings is with interior retail store signs for Vancouver, WA. Today, we’ll look at some of the best options for your business.

Point of Purchase Graphics

Let’s face it: there are some purchases that we make that we probably wouldn’t have made if we’d had a little bit longer to think about what we were doing. If you sell items like this, the best place to promote them is right next to your register with point of purchase signs for Vancouver, WA right. POP signs are also perfect for advertising deals that are only available at checkout, such as store credit cards.

Menu Boards

Just about every restaurant has menu boards. Along with featuring the branding of the eatery, they’re designed to include vibrant images of top selling specialty dishes while matching the interior décor. For easy readability, menu items are often grouped by dish types. For example, beverage options are often listed separately from food selections. After all, you don’t want customers thinking that you serve a Pepsi sandwich (patent pending)!


Through the magic of posters inside your store, you can transform consumers into customers alchemy-like. And, when you combine your efforts with images evocative of a special promotion or seasonal sale, you really put shoppers in the buying mood. Display these signs at your registers and near the shelves where you stock targeted products.

Wall Graphics

Vinyl graphics are taking the world of retail by storm. This is because of their many versatile uses. If you want to change the interior design of your shop, digitally printed wallpaper is more affordable, faster, and nowhere near as stinky as painting. Wall murals can depict people enjoying your products. Or, you can even use wall graphics to point the way to sales items or other best sellers.

Banner Stands and Cardboard Cutouts

Both cardboard cutouts and banner stands can be moved around your interior or even displayed outside when the weather is nice. These work best for big promotions. Is your annual “Buy Two Get One for 50 Percent off when It’s Cloudy” promotion coming up? First of all, you should probably simplify your offer a little bit, and you can let consumers know about your deal with banners or cutouts that block their path!

Ready to Get Started?

Contact the mighty sign makers at Specialty Graphic Solutions today to discuss the markers you’ll need for your upcoming promotions. We’ll sit with you and listen to your vision and budget. Based on your goals, we craft recommendations that are sure to impress. We create signs from scratch, or we can work with the artwork you already have. We’re just flexible like that!

Pick up the phone or do some clicking to get your retail signs started today!

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