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Stop the All-White Truck Madness and Brand Your Company with Fleet Graphics!

In order to utilize mobile advertising, you have to shell out thousands of dollars per vehicle to completely cover your fleet of work trucks, right? There’s no possible way there are any alternatives to a full vehicle wrap. You can’t afford this, so why put any graphics on your vans? You probably realize that none of this is true. There are plenty of options available for fleet vehicle graphics in Vancouver, WA no matter what your budget is.

Why Do You Even Need Fleet Graphics?

Do you have too much business? Are you tired of customers calling you looking to hire you for jobs? If this sounds like your enterprise, you may not need fleet graphics. Also, you should increase your prices and staff, but that’s a different article. For most of us, vehicle graphics are a must for getting the word out about your organization. If you’re one of the rare companies that has a massive marketing budget, then we strongly recommend getting vehicle wraps. This alternative makes the biggest splash on the roads. Otherwise, there are plenty of other graphics solutions:

Vehicle Vinyl Lettering – You have likely seen the white trucks, vans, or cars on the road with plain black lettering. This used to be the height of vehicle graphics. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. Now, you can choose whatever colors you want, and there are a variety of styles, including neon, reflective, carbon fiber, metallic, and matte. This is the most cost effective way to put your message on your fleet.

Vinyl Decals – Custom decals come in every size and shape and are easily installed on your trucks. They work great in combination with truck lettering.

Window Perf – These vinyl graphics go over the windows of your car. Don’t worry about driving into the side of a building, though! Window perf is full of tiny holes that allow the driver to see out while still displaying your contact information to cars stuck in traffic.

Spot Graphics – If you really want to boost your brand, you need to put your company’ contact information, name, and logo on all of your vans, cars, trucks, and even boats! Spot graphics are the perfect way to do this. With large vibrant spot graphics, you can also showcase your products and handiwork.

But, How Do You Take Care of Graphics?

Once your fleet is outfitted with decals and lettering that advertise your enterprise, we stay on call for any maintenance or repair issues you may have. When it comes time to sell your trucks, we can remove your graphics for you. And, when you want to replace your older vehicles, we have your artwork on file to ensure the branding stays consistent as we produce graphics for your new automobiles. We work quickly installing new vehicle lettering because we know how important it is for you to get your vans back on the road making deliveries.

Contact the mighty sign makers at SGS today for a free consultation and quote if you’re ready to learn more about fleet vehicle wraps for Vancouver, WA.

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