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It’s Dodge RAM Sprinter Fleet Graphics for Technology Unlimited Inc.

Imagine this scenario: you’re sitting at work and an unmarked van pulls up. You don’t recognize the driver or the vehicle, and you don’t receive a lot of drop-in clients at your office. What’s this person up to? Do you need to call 9-1-1? This is the kind of fear you could potentially cause in your more paranoid clients if you arrive at jobsites in vehicles lacking any sort of identification. TUI realized this, so they contacted the pros at Specialty Graphic Solutions for Dodge RAM Sprinter fleet graphics for Vancouver, WA.

Huey, Dewey, and TUI?

No, TUI isn’t one of Donald Duck’s long-lost nephews. It stands for Technology Unlimited, Inc. They started in 1983 as an equipment and maintenance provider for the financial services industry in the Pacific Northwest. Since then, they’ve expanded to serve all of the Western United States with services like service bureau production scanning, remittance processing, check processing, branch automation, document management, cash automation, and financial maintenance, supplies, and equipment.

When a successful business that provides such important services for the region’s businesses came to us for fleet van graphics for Vancouver, WA, we got to work on decals that would be right on the money. This wasn’t our first job for the TUI’s Vancouver location on Northeast 13th Avenue. Almost exactly a year ago, we produced graphics for one of their Dodge RAM Sprinters. They knew they could count on us to produce again.

How We Helped TUI Out

First, let’s tell you about the first van we did for TUI. The van was a light silver, so we used an Oracal intermediate vinyl in dark gray and an Avery intermediate vinyl in fire red to reproduce their logo in simple, eye-catching graphics. You can even see our own mighty sign maker Jason in the driver’s seat of the first van. Hi, Jason!

TUI wanted the second van to look essentially the same. The easy part of doing this was that we always keep designs on file for these occasions. The problem was the new Sprinter is dark gray. Dark gray doesn’t tend to work well on dark gray. It comes out as a solid dark gray. Consequently, we switched to a slate gray by Avery for the name and the same fire red for the logo. In the end, this provided great branding for a company that continues to grow.

Vinyl Lettering and Spot Graphics Don’t Break the Bank

Nothing garners more attention than full vehicle wraps. But, we’re going to be honest with you: they can be cost prohibitive for small businesses that want to put graphics on a whole fleet of vehicles. The solution that’s easier on the checkbook is vinyl lettering and decals. Truck lettering comes in a broad range of styles and colors and is the ideal way to put your name and contact information on all of your vans. Spot graphics or decals are perfect for logos and to show off your best-selling products or handiwork.

If you’re ready to announce your fleet to every woman, man, and child near roadways throughout Vancouver, contact SGS today for a free consultation!

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