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Custom Labels and Decals, Oh My!

What’s the least expensive sign you can purchase?

Posters? No, they’re quite cost effective, but there are cheaper alternatives out there.

Window graphics? You can get a great deal on those as well, but they generally require a special kind of vinyl that can cost a bit more.

Lightbox cabinet signs? Okay, now you’re not even trying. Here’s a hint: look at the title of today’s blog. That’s right! Custom labels and decals for Vancouver, WA are typically the least expensive signage option available to you. Learn about what wonderful creations we can make for you below:

We Spell Custom Decals “R-O-I”

No, we didn’t fail elementary school spelling. We mean that you get a high return on investment (ROI) for your marketing bucks when you choose vinyl decals. If you’re about to launch a new product, you want as many people as possible to see it. When you use every marketing tool at your disposal you can achieve this. Decals can build the recognition of your products when used in conjunction with other advertising. Hand the decals out to satisfied customers so they can also serve as your biggest supporters.

Promote Special Sales

The custom labels and decals we create have made their way into grocery stores, heaters, banks, and just about anywhere else you can think of. Our custom labels are used by retailers to show which products are part of a one-day sale and which are going to cost you full price. We have an array of adhesive that make it easy for you to peel the sticker off after the sale or to keep them on until the end of time or a few years, whichever comes first.

Remember that Event Where They Gave out the Decals?

People can’t help but remember events where they received stickers. Whether you’re hosting a music festival, a dragon boat race, a bingo tournament, or any other happening, custom labels and decals for Vancouver, WA are the ideal giveaway. Many of us have a go-to place for stickers we receive. It may be the rear of your motor vehicle, a bicycle helmet, the deck of a skateboard, or a little sister’s hair. Wherever it ends up, people are likely to see it and learn about your event.

Athletes Are Sporting Our Decals

Do you ever watch a football game and notice the many decals on the players’ helmets and wonder what they’re for? We can’t really answer that for you because we’ve been sworn to secrecy (and sincerely don’t know), but we know where you can get these decals: at SGS! Our mighty sign makers can print any graphics, photos, or other images onto vinyl for you to put on your sporting equipment. In fact, we’ve already produced helmet decals for a hockey team in Australia.

This is just a sampling of what you can do with custom labels and decals. Put us to work for you if you’re looking for an affordable way to build your brand or to get your message across. For a free consultation and quote, contact SGS today. 

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