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3D Letter Logo Lobby Signs in Vancouver Great for Dental Firms!

When clients enter your office suite, how do they know who you are? You could hire a guy to dress as your company’s mascot and greet everyone who enters. Or, you could get a bunch of balloons with your organization’s name on them and drop’em from the ceiling every time someone opens the door. Of course, the UPS guy will get real tired of that real quick, and your receptionist probably doesn’t want to pick up the balloons over and over again.

The easiest way to welcome client in is to just install 3D letter signs in your lobby. That’s precisely what Dental Service LLC wanted when they contacted Specialty Graphic Solutions for lobby signs for dental firms in Vancouver, WA.

Brace Yourself for Dental Service

Situated on Northeast 20th Avenue in the Salmon Creek neighborhood of Vancouver, Dental Service LLC provides administrative and back of the house support for several dental practices throughout the Pacific Northwest. They offer a broad range of services, including payroll and billing, handling of insurance claims, maintaining facilities, creating training programs for staff, and much more.

When an organization that does so much to help other local businesses came to us for 3D letter logo lobby signs in Vancouver, WA, we couldn’t wait to sink our teeth into the project. They wanted a classy way to show off their company name and logo to everyone who entered their offices. Fortunately, they contacted the right mighty sign makers!

We Gave Dental Service the SGS Treatment!

When Dental Service contacted us, we went through our usual drill. We discussed what they had in mind for their project and performed a site survey. They’d recently expanded and remodeled their office space and wanted a beautiful new dimensional letter sign for behind their reception desk. Based on their branding, budget, focal wall, and goals, we created some art proofs of what their finished marker could look like. Once they approved our mockups, we got down to work.

We started with 3/8” thick gray acrylic letters. We chose acrylic because it’s a long-lasting, high-quality materials. In fact, we even provide a lifetime warranty on this type of product! Don’t tell anyone, but we added aluminum laminate to the faces of the acrylic letters to give off the appearance of metal letters at a lower cost. We then scheduled a time to install the marker when we wouldn’t be a disruption to business as usual.

The finished letters and logo were stud mounted with spacers on a custom wood panel behind the reception desk. Spacers let the letters cast a large shadow on the wall and add more depth to the display. The final piece was 75 inches wide by 18 inches tall. Now, visitors will know where they are, and the folks at Dental Service have something to smile aboutJ

Are there holes in your branding strategy that could use some fillings? Let our mighty sign makers go to work for you! For a free consultation on lobby signs, contact SGS today!

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