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Transportation Company Brands with Truck Graphics and USDOT Lettering in Vancouver WA!

Vehicle graphics are the best way to market your business when on the road. No one is disputing that. The problem is that when you’re hauling cargo from here to Beantown 24/7, it’s difficult to put your rig out of commission long enough to give your ride some style. Thankfully, Krontrans Transport came to Specialty Graphic Solutions where we worked with his schedule to install truck graphics and USDOT lettering in Vancouver, WA for transportation companies.

Kron Gets the Job Done

Based on Southeast 136th Avenue in Vancouver, Krontrans Transport, Inc. is the business of an owner-operator long haul trucker. The enterprise is relatively new and looking to build its clientele. He transports paper products, fresh produce, refrigerated food, general freight, beverages, and much more. Basically, if you need to get something from Point A to Point B, he’s your man.

When an entrepreneur who does so much to help local businesses transport their goods came to us for truck graphics and USDOT lettering in Vancouver, WA for transportation companies, we said, “10-4, Good Buddy!” Krontrans had a gorgeous Volvo truck, and he wanted us to help him boost its looks. Fortunately, this wasn’t our mighty sign makers’ first rodeo.

We Kept Krontrans on the Road

Our first step with any project is to meet with the client to discuss their goals and to get a look at their vehicle. This is kind of awkward when the project is a lobby sign, and there’s no apparent reason for us to check out their vehicle, but alas, we do an excellent job, so no one complains.

In addition to USDOT numbers, Krontrans wanted us to make his graphic logo a reality. Based on his description, we created the logo, a horsehead with an element of forward motion done in Chrome to match the existing Volvo lettering, which he wanted to keep.

Since the truck is his livelihood and if it isn’t moving he isn’t making money, we did the job in multiple phases to minimize the impact on his operations. As the proverb goes, “a rolling stone gathers no moss,” and we don’t want our customers to be mossy on our account.

Nothing “Phases” Us

The first phase was to remove the old vinyl and to take measurements for the new design. This was a big leap of faith for the owner because if the print wasn’t just right, it would mean more downtime. He then hit the road with a delivery, and when he came on back, we gave him art proofs of what the finished product would look like. He approved it and hit the road yet again. While he was haulin’ widgets, we printed the graphics and pre-staged everything to ensure the installation went quickly and smoothly.

When Krontrans came by one final time, our Mighty Sign Makers quickly installed the graphics, and off he went again. In the end, we delivered, and Krontrans couldn’t be happier. Now, his logo and our work are seen everywhere he goes.

If you want to turn heads with your truck cabin, contact SGS today for a free quote!

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