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Box Truck Graphics Advertise for Richart Builders in Vancouver WA!

If Hollywood movies are any indication, not even FBI surveillance vans are free of vehicle graphics. They almost always advertise a fake flower delivery company or some other made up enterprise. If even spies understand the benefits of vinyl graphics, why are your work trucks missing identifying marks?

Richart Family Incorporated understood the importance of using box track graphics for remodeling contractors in Vancouver, WA to create 24/7 moving billboards. That’s why they called in the experts at Specialty Graphic Solutions for their new vehicle.

What Does Richart Do?

Located on Northeast 20th Avenue in Vancouver, Richart Family Incorporated is a general contracting business that serves commercial and residential customers in Washington and Oregon by offering remodeling, energy conservation, and building services. They’ve been at it for more than three decades. Their success is due to their mission of providing the best quality of energy conservation construction services in an efficient, environmentally sound, and safe manner through a business culture of teamwork and family values.

When a company that does such fine work for the area came to us for box truck graphics for Vancouver, WA, we were more than happy to help. This wasn’t Richart’s first rodeo. We have a long history of producing van and truck graphics, construction site signs, yard signs, flyers, and business cards for them. They knew they could count on us to deliver with our box truck graphics. And, spoiler alert: we did!

We Gave Them the Patented SGS Treatment

The gang at Richart Builders are really a terrific bunch. And, they’re smart cookies for using their fleet of vehicles to advertise their business. In fact, the moment they got their new 24-foot-long box truck, they brought it over to us. The truck literally only had ten miles on the odometer when it got here!

It’s a blower truck that’s used to blow insulation into residential and commercial buildings in order to make them more energy efficient. Just the two sides of the truck alone give them more than 400 square feet of advertising space to work with. Our mighty sign makers were chomping at the bit to do something fun with that canvas.

We worked with Richart’s branding to produce graphics that would boost their name recognition as well as let motorists and passersby know what it is they specialize in. When we had the lettering and logos ready, we scheduled a time to install their new graphics. It just so happened to work out that our mighty sign makers Taylor and Jason had a beautiful sunny day to do the work. That’s some big news in January in the Pacific Northwest! Sure, we would’ve gotten the job done rain or shine, but it was just nice to be dry and in shirt sleeves in the “dead” of winter!

In the end, Richart thought we did a bang up job! Now, as their box truck is on the road five days a week, it’ll be reaching literally thousands of drivers every day.

Are you ready to get a high ROI for your marketing budget? Contact SGS today for a free consultation! We’ll even help you if you run a spy agency. We totally won’t tell anyone.

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