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Our One-Stop Guide to Channel Letters is Here!

No one has time these days to stop at multiple places for their channel letter sign guides. That’s why we’ve put together this one-stop guide to channel letters in Vancouver, WA. So, just head toward that blog that has Specialty Graphic Solutions spelled out in bright attractive letters that are clearly visible both day and night…much like your future channel letters!

From the Front to the Back: We Shine Light on Channel Letters

What are the most requested styles of channel letters? Let’s count up from #1:

 Front-Lit Letters Front-Lit Letters

Front-Lit Channel Letters – Standard front-lit channel letters are the high school football quarterback of channel letter signs. They’re popular and attract all of the ladies (and men for that matter). To create frames in the shape of your preferred typeface, high-gauge aluminum is routed with smoothly welded edges. We prefer aluminum because it’s durable and rust-resistant. The light then shines through acrylic faces in any color you want.

 Reverse-Lit Letters Reverse-Lit Letters

Reverse-Lit Channel Letters – Commonly known as halo-lit letters, the light comes out of the back of these letters. This creates a distinguished halo effect around the letters on the wall they’re installed to. For the entire frame of these letters, aluminum is used.

 Back-Lit Letters Back-Lit Letters

Back-Lit Channel Letters – Back-lit channel letters are the lovechild of halo-lit and front-lit channel letters. That is, they have light shining through the front acrylic face as well as a cool halo created by light coming out of the back.

 Open Face Letters Open Face Letters

Open Face Channel Letters – When you look at these channel letters, it appears as if the light source isn’t protected from the elements. Resist the urge to cover the letters up for their own protection! They actually have transparent acrylic faces that shelter the lights from the weather while producing a sophisticated appearance at night.

Illumination Alternatives

Channel letters used to rely on neon tubes for their light. These tubes produce a number of different lights depending on the gasses used. Unfortunately, there are several downsides to neon, including a dimming effect in cold weather as well as high maintenance and electricity costs.

When you use LEDs for your channel letters, you get brilliant illumination in any environment. Due to their low maintenance needs and energy efficient properties, LEDs are quickly replacing neon as the main source of channel letter sign illumination. Of course, you can also choose to go stealth mode and have no illumination for your channel letters.

How Are Channel Letters Installed?

We’re able to install your channel letters directly to the exterior of your building, or we’ll mount them on a raceway first and then attach them to your venue. If you don’t want a lot of drilling into the façade of your facility, then raceways are the way to go. Otherwise, you get a cleaner look with directly-mounted letters.

Areas We Serve

SGS provides sign installation, design, maintenance, and manufacturing services (not in that order) for the communities of Gresham, OR; Beaverton, OR; Clark County, WA; Camas, WA; Tigard, OR; Portland, OR; and all of Southwest Washington from our headquarters in Vancouver, WA. Contact our mighty sign makers today if you’re ready to make your venue stand out with channel letters!