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What Is Vector Art and Why Should You Care?

When we’re working with a diagram, clip-art illustration, or your business’s logo, we typically ask our clients for a vector art file. A good percentage of the time, our clients then ask us, “What is vector art? Listen, I’m not the technical expert here. That’s your job. Are we going to have trouble with this project or what?” To be honest, our customers are never this standoffish. We have a pretty awesome business community around here. Nonetheless, we answer their questions with the contents of today’s post.

What Are Vector Art Files?

Vector graphics are not made up of a grid of pixels, like GIFs, BMP images, and JPEGs. Instead, vector art is made up of paths, which are defined by starting and ending points as well as other curves, angles, and points. A path can be a triangle, a line, a curvy shape, or a square. With the paths, you can create complex diagrams or simple drawings. Anything from the Mona Lisa to the stick figure you doodle while you’re on the phone can be represented with vector graphics. In fact, even the characters of specific fonts are defined by paths.

Common types of vector graphics include Macromedia Freehand, EPS, and Adobe Illustrator files. And, since they generally take up less space and scale better than bitmap images, many Flash animations also use vector graphics.

Why Should You Care?

You might be thinking, “Listen, Blog, I’ve enjoyed this little technical lesson about what is vector art, but why should I care? I’m not a master graphic designer person! I just want the coolest sign ever!” We appreciate your patience and will reward it.

First of all, have you ever seen image files that people have blown up, and they just look all pixelated and horrible? Like something out of the original 8-bit Nintendo system? Well, vector images don’t have this problem. They can be scaled to a larger size and not lose any of their image quality because they aren’t made up of a specific number of dots.

Essentially, when you blow up vector art, each aspect of the graphic stays clean and smooth. Therefore, vector art is perfect for your corporate logo since it can be small enough to appear on small stickers you hand out to customers or giant vehicle graphics that go on the side of your box truck. This means we can have all of your signage looking great no matter how big it is. You don’t have to worry about it turning out all blocky or blurry.

“Where Do I Get Vector Art?”

Sometimes our customers don’t have a vector art file of the graphics they want us to create. You can usually get the file from whoever designed your graphics. If this isn’t an option, our mighty sign makers may be able to recreate your logo or other graphics using vector art, though that may involve an additional charge. Or, if you have a large enough image file in another format, we may be able to work with that.

Basically, we want your markers to look as great as possible, and we’re firm believers in the ability of vector art to help in that process. Contact Specialty Graphic Solutions today to learn more about what we can do for you!

Questions? Drop us a line at hello@SGSgraphic.com or call us at (360) 635-5556 and unless we’re up to our elbows in alligators, a live person will answer. If you leave a message we will call you back pronto.

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