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Weaves of Green: What We do with Recycled Banner Stock!

Update – Unfortunately recycled banner stock is no longer available.  (Frown face emoji)  We continue to search and hope to find some soon. 

Today’s consumers are savvy about how they use their resources. Many of us prefer to support businesses that are committed to green practices. As business owners, this often means hunting around for environmentally-friendly solutions. Methow Cycle & Sport believes in making America green again, so they contacted Specialty Graphic Solutions because they know what we do with recycled banner stock in Vancouver, WA.

Methow Cycle Likes Cycling so Much that They Recycle

Located on State Route 20 in Winthrop, WA, a small town in the beautiful Methow Valley near the Canadian border, Methow Cycle & Sport has been sharing their love for cycling for about a decade now. The bike shop was started by Joe and Julie after they quit their day jobs to follow their true love. Today, they offer bikes, rentals, repairs, gear, and they even host regular events, including improving local trails for mountain biking excursions.

When an organization that’s so dedicated to promoting a mode of transportation that keeps Mother Nature green came to us for recycled banners in Vancouver, WA, we popped a metaphorical wheelie in joy to be of some assistance. As an earth-conscious company, they wanted signage that was in line with their ideals. They knew they could count on SGS because we’ve supplied them with banners made of recycled materials a couple times in the last two years. We didn’t let them down!

Mean Green Banner Machines

When we first met with Methow Cycle’s graphic design company – EVRYBDY, we listened closely to what they had in mind for their project. This also gave us a feel for their company culture. Knowing your company’s culture is crucial to us understanding what signage materials and designs are best for your purposes. We knew the Weaves of Green Act II material would be ideal for their purposes. They agreed.

A Closer Look at Weaves of Green

Mighty sign makers always want to do the right thing, so when we heard about a new banner stock that’s made of recycled plastic drink bottles, we were on board! Weaves of Green Act II is a printable banner material that really is a green alternative. Here are some benefits:

  • Made of 100 percent recycled polyester fibers from recycled plastic drink bottles
  • 7.5-ounce print stock with a canvas like texture
  • Can be used outdoors and in
  • In addition to using pole pockets, these banners can also have grommets like more traditional banners
  • When you’re done with your banner, return it to SGS, and we’ll see that they’re recycled and reused in a FabRecycle Program

If you want banners that promote environmental consciousness as much as they promote your business, contact SGS today for a free consultation on Weave of Green banners. Your grandchildren will thank you.