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Best Types of Double-Sided Signs in Vancouver WA

We like to go for walks. One reason we walk is because we’re competing with each other for Fitbit supremacy. We also like to catch all of the Pokémon, but for the most part, Vancouver is just a beautiful city to walk around in.

Being in the biz, we can’t help but look at signs as we meander. Occasionally, we happen down one-way streets going against traffic and are surprised to notice how many signs are one-sided. Motorists are able to see these businesses’ messages (provided they’re not going the wrong way), but pedestrians going the opposite direction can’t.

To us, this sure seems like a wasted opportunity to market to people on foot. This is why we’re going to talk to you today about the best double-sided signs in Vancouver, WA. Strap on your best walking shoes and come along!

Get’em Coming and Going with Double-Sided Banners or Flags!

As with most flat objects, banners and flags have two sides. You may not realize this because many organizations like to hang their banners on a wall where you can only see one side. That’s an okay option if you’re willing to accept your workers doing only half of the work they’re capable of. Though, when you think about it that way, it doesn’t sound too appealing, does it?

We can digitally print whatever graphics you want on both sides of your hanging banner, or we can apply cut vinyl letters, numbers, and logos. Double-sided banners work great in hallways, between trees, and over roadways. For exterior uses, we create banners with holes in them that allow the wind to pass through without destroying your investment.

Get in the Way with Sidewalk / A-Frame Signs

Often times when we’re on our walks, we trip over A-frame signs when we’re too busy looking at the building signs. This forces us to read what’s on these sidewalk signs. These markers naturally have two sides that are viewable. They can incorporate whiteboards or blackboards, or A-frames can be designed to accommodate inserts that you print off on your office printer. If your office printer doesn’t work and is just gathering dust, we’re more than happy to provide you with professional inserts.

The Many Sides of Post and Panel Signs

Yeah, having two sides to your signage is nice, and most post and panel sign systems stop there, but due to the nature of these markers, your post and panel sign can have as many sides as you want. Two sides are great for primary identification and wayfinding purposes. However, we get lots of requests for three-post, three-panel signs that identify construction projects. These are visible from all directions and can feature architectural renderings of what the finished building will look like.

This is just the beginning when it comes to double-sided signs in Vancouver, WA. We didn’t even have time to get into blade signs and lightbox cabinets. But, if you call the mighty sign makers at Specialty Graphic Solutions, we’ll come up with options that are specifically tailored to your business and venue. For a free consultation, contact us today!

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