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For Professional Firms: The Appeal of Brushed Metal Lobby Signs in Vancouver WA

“If you do the crime, you do the time.” Despite the old saying ringing true, many organizations continue to commit crimes every day. What are they guilty of? The crime of not having a lobby sign. And, the “time” that they serve is constantly struggling to increase brand recognition through less efficient means. Lori Ferguson Law Firm was tired of doing time, so they contacted Specialty Graphic Solutions for lobby signs for law firms in Vancouver, WA.

What Is Lori Ferguson Law Firm?

Located on H Street in Vancouver, Lori Ferguson Law Firm, P.S. consists of a team of experienced lawyers who provide legal counsel in an array of matters that can affect local families. The firm focuses on guardianships, estate planning, probate matters, and family law. They also provide help to landlords in landlord/tenant disputes and can answer questions regarding Medicaid and special needs planning. We asked if they’d also consider lawsuits against family members who take the last Christmas cookies, and they just laughed, which we took as a “yes.”

When an organization that does such a good job of watching out for the interests of local families came to us for brushed metal lobby signs in Vancouver, WA, we were happy to take the case. Lori Ferguson Law Firm wanted a classy way to welcome clients in and showcase their branding. Fortunately, they called the right mighty sign makers.

What We Did for Lori Ferguson

Our first step in the sign creation process was to collect evidence of what the client wanted for their sign. We’ve found the best way to do this is to meet with them and ask. So, for our first witness, we called Lori Ferguson Law Firm to the stand. In their testimony, they revealed that they wanted a lobby sign that was professional and gave off an air of longevity. We broke the case when we revealed that brushed metal would get the job done. They agreed, and once they approved the proofs we provided them with, we got down to work.

Fabricating this marker was fairly straightforward. We used our plotter to precisely cut the black vinyl letters to match Lori Ferguson’s existing branding. We then applied the letters to a brushed metal panel. Once the sign was ready, we worked with the client’s schedule to install it when we wouldn’t disrupt meetings. The final verdict was that we were guilty of doing a fabulous job. Now, when clients come in, they’ll know they’ve found the right place.

Unlock Your Branding

We hold the key to release your business from obscurity jail. We have a full complement of lobby signs that are sure to fit your specific branding goals. Sure, metal signs are ideal for law firms, accountants, universities, and banking institutions, but not every organization is going for the traditional look. For instance, software companies want to look all high-tech. This is where acrylic and backlit lobby signs come in handy.

Whatever your needs may be, contact the mighty sign makers at SGS today for a free consultation on lobby signs. Stop leading a life of crime by omission of lobby signs.

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