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Cool Branding For The Fridge

We’ve had the great fortune to work with the Clark County Food Bank over the years and our projects have grown and evolved as they’ve grown with the community. We started out doing custom graphics for a few of their cars to brand their fleet. It was a quick and simple way for people to see CCFB out in the neighborhood. Then we moved on to wrapping their box trucks to help make an even more visible in the community and raise awareness of their presence. Most recently, we tackled their walk in refrigerators and added infographics and a media center to the doors.

Fridges typically aren’t our wheelhouse but the mighty sign makers are always excited to try something new. First it took a bit of research to see if this had been done before and how it was accomplished. The size of the door is large and the materials needed to be stronger to hold up to opening and closing. Because of the large size of the door, the weight of the materials needed to be considered and just how we would attach it to the door. We couldn’t drill into the door because would have damaged the seals and would would have risked hitting hoses or wiring. It took a bit of testing with what would be the best substrate to use with what combination of adhesive in order to find out what would last and stand up to a door being routinely used.

 Taylor's sharp eyes make sure Jeff and Jason are lined up with the diamond plate panel. Taylor’s sharp eyes make sure Jeff and Jason are lined up with the diamond plate panel.

The solution was a reverse printed graphic on a thin polycarbonate material (which doesn’t need laminating). In the end we used our trusty 3M 4622 VHB tape to ensure the acrylic is secure for years to come. The team prepped the surface to make sure it was absolutely clean so the panel would bond to the door. All hands were on deck while we double checked alignment and attached the panel to half inch strips of tape and pressed down to pop it into place.

 Ready for messages! Ready for messages!

If you think about it, fridges are still a very central part of our lives even in the digital landscape. It is still a place to put shopping lists, hang up art, stick up a business card to remember for later and of course – leave a message. So this is exactly how this board serves CCFB. The size of the fridge was also a great space for the food bank to utilize for information. The sign also doubles as a handy infographic. The finish on the polycarbonate means that it can be written on with dry erase markers. Staff can keep everyone current with message about shifts and upcoming events.

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