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Caring For Your Vehicle Wrap

At SGS we’re big believers in vehicle graphics because they help you Get Noticed. After all, potential customers can see you’re out and about (plus you’ll look really cool and professional with the branding). We want your graphics to last so you get more mileage out of them. So here is a quick guide to caring for your vehicle wrap.

 Here's our crew in action!  Here’s our crew in action!

Make sure your car hasn’t been waxed recently. You might think having the car detailed on the outside creates a blank surface for graphics but instead it makes for a shield. Wax creates a barrier and the adhesive of graphics cannot form a bond on the surface.

As much fun as those drive thru car washes are with the multicolor foams are – they’re pretty hard on graphics. The high pressure water sprays, the spinning brushes, and the high speed dryers can weaken the adhesive of the graphics and cause it to lift off of your car.

Instead, handwashing with a mild soap is ideal. This is more gentle on the vinyl and doesn’t erode the lamination. The lamination is the layer that protects your the ink on your graphics and is a UV layer to prevent sun bleaching.

If you can, park the vehicle in a covered space. No garage? No worries. Just be sure to regularly clean off any dirt or mud. This is especially important in the winter months with de-icer treatments on the road – they’re quite corrosive.

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