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Let’s Wrap It Up

Vehicle wraps are a great way to make yourself business known. It’s a pretty easy way to get eyes on your company and connect with customers. Even if you’re just parked at a busy grocery store while you run into grab dinner, that’s still putting your name out there and sticking in the back of someone’s mind.

What’s a vehicle wrap?

There’s three main kinds of wraps for your car that have different results because it’s all about area and application (we’ll get to that part later).

  • Cut logos and lettering:

This is the more basic and straightforward option that is great for a fleet of vehicles. You pick your color of vinyl and then our production staff places your text and logo and the design is sent to a machine that precisely cuts it into vinyl. We clear away the excess, also known as weeding, and then apply the lettering to the vehicle.

  • Perforated vinyl:

Perforated vinyl has small holes it in so visibility can be maintained when it is applied to glass. We can print on this material so there is more room for creative design compared to the cut vinyl option. This is a great way to utilize windows of a car but also create some shade and privacy as well.

  • Printed vinyl:

Need some color in your life? Printed vinyl is for you if you have dynamic graphics. We can put your logo large and bold on your vehicle. No need to worry about the elements, we laminate the graphics with a clear layer that helps protect the vinyl from sun bleaching and rain.

How do I wrap my car?

It’s easy. Call SGS and set up a free consultation. We’ll talk with you about what you need on your car to stand out. We’ll take some pictures, get some measurements and review your budget. Then, our graphic design maestros use the pictures of your vehicle and create mockups in Photoshop to show you different options and ideas and you approve your choice.

What kind of wrap do I want?

Well, that’s for you to decide but we are happy to talk options. If you need just basic contact information cut lettering is a good choice. Maybe you want to change up how your vehicle looks – so a partially wrapping your car with a new color and some printed graphics is what you need. Or if you want to go top to bottom makeover there is the full vehicle wrap. No curve can thwart the SGS team.

Can we wrap it? Yes we can. At SGS we are very acquainted with all kinds of vinyl. So contact us today for your free quote.