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Let the employee’s take the wheel

Large format digital printing marketing materials for hotel

We love helping with marketing campaigns because they stretch our imagination and make us branch out in new ways.  Our projects include custom whiteboards with graphics, posters, cards, table toppers and more.  We’ve done some crazy awesome projects for monthly and quarterly promotions.

Vesta Hospitality in Vancouver, WA makes us think outside our box and let me tell you, this takes some doing to even touch the outside of OUR box!

Vesta manages hotel properties.  Hotels run 24x7x365 and have staff working all days and all shifts.  Keeping them informed is critical to their business.  This 2018 promotion is called ‘You Are in the Driver’s Seat!’.  With a lot of moving parts, it made sense to let Specialty Graphic Solutions manage the production and distribution because we have the capability to produce everything they want and can ship any size order anywhere in the world .  Custom whiteboards, table tents for break rooms, posters, manuals even a Vesta “drivers license ” and a punch card for each employee.  We produced each item and kept them all together until it was time to launch the program.  On the day before we packaged up each promotion kit and overnight shipped them to hotels all over the west.

The Mighty Sign Makers bring your quarterly promotion ideas to life.