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3 Examples of Logo Lobby Signs You Can Have Too!

3 Ways to use your Logo in your Lobby

Today, we’re going to look at some lobby signs. However, these are no ordinary lobby signs. We don’t make ordinary signs at Specialty Graphics Solutions. In fact, if you were to come into our shop and ask for an ordinary sign, we’d send you packing! Well, maybe not. We’re a business after all, and we try to keep all of our customers happy regardless of how ordinary their signage request is. Anyway, without further hypotheticals, let’s look at some excellent examples of logo lobby signs in Vancouver, WA.

PhD Labs Shows off Its Innovative Edge with Brushed Aluminum

Metal letters and logo stand off from reclaimed wood wall in Portland, Vancouver WA

PhD Labs prides themselves on being passionate about their work. This is something the mighty sign makers at SGS definitely appreciate. They haven’t been around for long, which tells clients one of two things: their business will likely experience hiccups and have trouble completing work, or they’ll demonstrate passionate exuberance as they try to make a name for themselves. We witnessed firsthand that it’s the latter.

To really drive this home, we recommended an innovative brushed aluminum laminate sign. Each of the features of their logo, including the intricate boiling flask, was routed out of plastic. We then applied a thin layer of real aluminum. We then installed the new marker for maximum impact. Now, their lobby sign projects professionalism and that they’re here to stay. They loved it so much they posted about it on Instagram!

Voxel Farm’s Branding Jumps out at You with Standoff Mounting

Metal letters and logo stand off reception wall voxel farm

Voxel Farm is another innovative business that wanted their logo lobby sign to represent their company culture. We recommended using affordable plastic letters painted to match their branding. They thought that was a pretty smart idea. As with the above markers, we routed each of the elements of the logo. We then carefully matched their corporate colors to keep their branding consistent. When installation time came around, we used spacers for an off the wall look. This creates a fancy play of light and shadows that really catches the eye.

Visicom Media Keeps It Classy with Dimensional Letters

red and blue 3D letters and logo for lobby sign

By now, you probably notice a theme with the lobby signs we’re talking about today. They’re all affordable, feature dimensional letters, are mounted with spacers, and they’re all really awesome. The marker we produced for Visicom Media is no exception. It’s made of the same materials as the Voxel Farm sign, but take a moment to gaze in wide-eyed wonderment at how we were able to perfectly capture the contours of the V logo.

We can do all of the above and more for your organization. When you call us up for logo lobby signs in Vancouver, WA, we listen closely to your vision for the project. We then make recommendations based on your budget. If you’re a high roller, we’ll recommend metal signage because metal looks great and lasts forever. Or, if you want to keep your costs down, sign foam or vinyl graphics might be best for you.

We can conjecture all day about what materials are best for your enterprise, but the best way to find out for sure is to contact our mighty sign makers today for a free consultation!