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4 Easy Ways to Make Your Creative Signs Stand Out

4 Easy Ways to Design Creative Signs

Designing creative signs and banners is hard if you’re not sure where to start.  In order to create designs that stand out and get noticed, you’ll need to know a few basic graphic design tips.  Let’s look at some concepts we use that will help you get started on your creative design.

1.  Keep It Simple

Simple designs easily stick in peoples’ heads.  A design that’s too complex or busy may attract attention, but won’t leave a lasting and positive impression.  And let’s face it – without that lasting impression your branding efforts fail.  When designing signs, banners or even a vehicle graphic it’s best to keep it simple.  Settle on a limited color palette and stick to it.  Minimize clutter by avoiding crazy symbols or lettering that take away from the graphic design.  Simple designs have an elegance and beauty that people remember.

2.  Imply Motion

An object in motion is more interesting to the human eye.  It may seem counter-intuitive but you can actually create motion within a static design.  Diagonal lines are one way to represent movement.  Repeated objects also imply motion.  Follow the flow of your picture to see where your eyes are naturally drawn.  If you can’t easily move around the picture, add more motion.  A good example is this window graphic at Willows Boutique. The bold diagonal lines in the logo guide the eyes to the store hours and social media!

3.  Remember That Colors Affect Mood

Colors evoke feelings in people.  The colors you select for your sign or graphic can subliminally work to your advantage.  Although we all experience colors differently, there are a few guidelines that will hold true for most people.  Red is seen as actionable and powerful.  Blue is calming, trusting, and serene.  And green is healing while yellow is cheerful.  Use color in your exterior sign or ad campaign design to affect the emotions of people and their perception of your business and its values. This chart shows you how colors influence buyers:

4.  Be Different

Your business is unique.  Don’t be tempted by the ease of stock design templates.  Try something different.  Use images instead of letters and let the eye fill in the difference.  Experiment with rotating or flipping text.  Turn a picture upside down.  Eye catching design is memorable so stretch the boundaries and get noticed.  A simple design with a unique element or two stands out from the rest of the crowd.  Research your competition and create designs that set you apart.  Brainstorming is always time well spent.  Go for a walk or spend some time looking at images on the web.

At Specialty Graphic Solutions we spend as much time brainstorming ideas as we do actually creating the designs.  A great place to start is Pinterest. We find it’s a great tool for inspiring us and learning how others get noticed. We even have a board dedicated to it!

Get Started Sign Designing

Of course four tips are only a starting point.  Creating signs and graphic designs that really pop can be challenging and intimidating.  Not to worry!  We put the “Specialty” in Graphic Solutions!  We want to get to know you and your company personally.  That way our ideas are focused around your business and its unique culture and identity.  Our team of experts craft signs and visual displays that implement all of the best design practices to get your business noticed.   Let us help you stand out and show your brand in a fresh, memorable way!

Want to chat about your project and maybe toss a couple of ideas back and forth?  You can reach us at 360-635-5556 or at 503-766-3331.  Feeling webby today? Click on the button below for our contact form.  Email more of your thing? Send a note to hello@sgsgraphic.com and a member of the SGS team will be in touch.