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Floor Graphics in Vancouver WA: More Than Just Wayfinding Signs!

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As you make your way on foot from point A to point B, what are you doing with your eyes? I mean, sure, they’re hanging out in your head seeing stuff, but in what direction are they looking? Chances are you’re taking this opportunity in your busy day to catch up with emails or social media on your smartphone. This device is probably held at waist-level – unless it’s your selfie power hour (we don’t judge). Consequently, your gaze is tilted down toward the floor.

Well, savvy marketers have caught on to this and are now using floor space to advertise to you. Sure, you may be familiar with floor graphics pointing the way to various amenities within a facility, but these days, they’re being used for so much more. Here are some excellent uses for floor graphics in Vancouver, WA.

Promotional Floor Graphics

We’ll come clean with you: floor graphics in high-traffic areas don’t last as long as vinyl graphics in other locations. We use the best materials on the market, but even they will only last you for up to a year or so if you have aggressive steppers.

To prolong the life of your floor graphics, you could lead a class in walking gently before anyone can enter your venue, or you can take advantage of floor graphics for your short-term promotions. For instance, our friends over at iQ Credit Union used paw-print floor graphics for one of their quarterly promotions. Notice that the graphics work on carpeting? That’s just the kind of wizardry you get when you contact us.

Clients Will Be Floored by Your Logo

Lobby signs are pretty cool. They let guests know they’ve found the right place and promote your brand. This is why you usually see pretty fancy logos on display on the walls of reception areas throughout town. Yet, if your foyer has a lot of empty space, you can put it to good use with a big logo floor graphic. It’ll really tie the room together.

Optical Illusions Draw Attention to Your Products

If you’re not familiar with Kurt Wenner, do yourself a favor and Google him. He’s one of the most talented 3D chalk artists out there. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could hire him to chalk your best-selling products on heavy foot traffic areas? Most small businesses can’t afford his rates, but we have a little hack for you. We can work with talented graphic designers to produce floor graphics that mimic these works of art. We simply print them out on our state of the art, large format digital printer and install them anywhere, including on concrete, pavement, or tile.

As you can see, floors are no longer just for break-dancing. They can also serve as a great advertising, branding, and marketing location. If you’re interested in graphics that you can walk on, contact the mighty sign makers at Specialty Graphic Solutions today for a free consultation on floor graphics in Vancouver, WA. Step to it!

Questions? Drop us a line at hello@SGSgraphic.com or call us at (360) 635-5556 and unless we’re up to our elbows in alligators, a live person will answer. If you leave a message we will call you back pronto.