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Need Giant Checks or Awards for Your Event in Vancouver?

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Do you ever see those giant checks and wonder if they can really be cashed in at a bank? Perhaps, you imagine the person going to a special oversized bank that only takes huge checks. You might envision the behemoth teller counting out special banquet table-sized $100 bills. Maybe, the recipient then buys giant groceries with it. Is this what you envision when you see these checks? Um, yeah, we totally don’t imagine that either. However, we do think about how we can produce giant checks and awards for events in Vancouver, WA. Giant Checks Make for Great Photo Ops Unless you live in the hypothetical giant world described above, giant checks make for great photo opportunities. If you give someone a normal-sized check, the information won’t be readable in any photos. However, your company’s name and branding will take center stage when you use an oversized check to award prize money or accentuate a donation you’re presenting to a nonprofit. At Specialty Graphic Solutions, our mighty sign makers pride themselves on being able to make just about any signage. This includes giant signs. The checks are typically made of durable yet affordable corrugated plastic (aka, “coroplast”). We then apply a digitally-printed vinyl graphics to the face of the coroplast panel. If you would like to reuse your check each time you make a contribution to an organization, we can use vinyl that easily takes dry erase markers. That way, you can write a check to an organization that does research on Pokémon Go addiction at one fundraiser, erase it after the event, and write a new check to support a ban on political posts on Facebook. Of course, we strongly recommend seeking out more worthy causes. We Create Other Unique Awards too Take a moment to check out our…

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Have You Visited Our “Wildcard” Signage Tab? Here’s What You’ll Find!

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If you’ve ever visited the Wild Card Gallery on our website, you know that we’re capable of just about anything. This gallery consists of projects we’ve completed that don’t easily fit into nice neat categories. These are the Robert Frosts of signage: they take the road less traveled. Most other sign shops would say “no” to making these markers. Fortunately, the mighty sign makers at Specialty Graphic Solutions love tackling new challenges. In today’s blog, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the custom signs for Vancouver, WA that we’ve made. Customize Your Meeting Materials You can get a lot of planning done over the Internet. Yet, there’s only so much you can see on your computer screen, and a lot of people just skip over emails and other important information. Many organizations still rely heavily on dry erase boards because of this. We help our customers visualize their work obstacles and create plans of attack with custom dry erase boards featuring their branding. Unique Awards that Winners Are Proud to Display Have you ever won an award and been embarrassed by the quality of the knickknack? The chances are you weren’t too interested in showing it off. When events or businesses cut corners on trophies and awards, it shows. Plus, they’re missing out on a great opportunity to boost their brand awareness. At SGS, we can produce a broad range of awards at a relatively affordable price. We only supply pieces that are sure to catch eyes. This will guarantee that recipients will display their awards on their walls or in other prominent places where others are sure to see your incorporated branding. We’ve become a leading trophy maker for dragon boat races. Check out our paddle awards! Graphics for that Special Someone Do you have…

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Add Graphics to Boat Paddles and You Get Super and Unique Custom Awards!

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If you read about the awards we created for the GVCC, you know that we’re more than just a sign company. We can create unique graphic solutions (hence our name) for just about every occasion. Dragon boat races throughout the country realize this. That’s why we’re getting more and more requests for award graphics in Vancouver, WA. Dragon Boating Is on Fire! Never heard of dragon boat racing? It sounds like you haven’t been to any rivers or lakes recently! Dragon boats can be traced back more than 2500 years to southern central China. Despite the crew of ten pairs of two paddlers, a drummer, and a steerer working their tails off, the sport didn’t make it to the United States until about 1983. And, recently, it’s been spreading like wildfire. In fact, Portland’s Rose Festival Dragon Boat Race is the largest event of its type in North America. Somehow, as the sport grew, SGS became known as the go-to sign shop for any dragon boat graphics. We’ve wrapped two dragon boats. One was for the Rotary Club of Shreveport, Louisiana. The other was for the Kearney Breast Center at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center. You Won? That’s a Paddling! In recent years, our reach in dragon boating has expanded even further. At dragon boat festivals around the U.S., the winning teams are awarded paddles instead of the traditional trophies you might get for winning your bowling league or a limbo contest. To give the paddles some pizzazz, they typically have graphics with the name of the event, the year, and the category won. In conjunction with Double Fifth Dragon Boating, a local supplier of dragon boat accessories, we’ve designed several dragon boat paddle award graphics over the years. Some of these include: Paddle West – Vancouver, WA – The Pacific…

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Custom Awards for the GVCC Business & Leadership Annual Winners!

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Nothing’s worse than winning a trophy or other award and finding out that the event organizers cut corners on the plaques, and you end up with a shabby piece of plastic that you’d be embarrassed to display. Well, okay, maybe there are many worse things. Nonetheless, GVCC was recently hosting an event that required top quality awards. To ensure they were getting the best quality available, they contacted Specialty Graphic Solutions for custom awards and plaques in Vancouver, WA. GVCC? What Do All of Those Letters Mean? The GVCC is the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce. Each year, they host the Business & Leadership Awards Event. At this get-together, they recognize those who are making a splash in the local business community. The new board of directors and chairman of the board for the GVCC are also installed. This year, the event was held at the Vancouver Hilton Hotel on West 6th Street last Thursday, September 10th. When an organization that’s doing so much to build our local business community came to us for custom made awards for Vancouver, WA, we couldn’t wait to help out. You see, full disclosure, SGS is a member of the GVCC, and we were happy to find another way to support such an awesome group. They needed five custom awards for the top business leaders in the area. Fortunately, they contacted the right sign shop! What We Did for the Business & Leaderships Awards We started with a one-inch thick panel of clear acrylic that measured twelve inches wide and had a half-inch thick base with beveled edges. Next, we created a laser cut metal silhouette of the top half of one of the iconic landmarks of Vancouver: the bell tower at Esther Short Park in downtown Vancouver. Our mighty sign makers made the…

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