Picking The Best Pop Up Banner For Your Brand

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Pop Up Banners have come a long way from being painted on a chunk of canvas. And we’re well beyond the kind you make in a word processor and tape together at the office. Large format printing and new materials make it easy to give your brand some polish. Do you want to make an impression in a snap? Let’s look at what you can do with a retractable banner. The basics: Retractable banners are designed to be portable. The banner part neatly wraps up and is protected in the case which makes for easy storage. This tool is essential for brands that travel to trade shows and need to make the most of packing space. If you happen to damage the banner or decide it’s time for a change the look to keep current – we can update the graphic. The sizes: We have a banner size for what you need. The base is about three feet wide with the printed banner itself being about 32 inches wide. Heights available are 4, 6, and 8 feet tall. Still need to go bigger? It can be done! The options: Vesta uses a table top banner to showcase sponsors for an event. Table top – This size is great for seasonal promotions in a reception area. The table top banner also works well for smaller trade show setups when you need to be economical with space. The pop of color and bold design helps Salsbury & Co get noticed. Single – One banner to rule them all. This option makes a splash and shows off your brand. Sitting at a table? A six foot banner makes a great backdrop so attendees know who you are and serves as a visual introduction before you even greet them. The Sonder Project uses a…

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Don’t Settle for Boring Banners, Make them Mighty

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You might be tempted to get a banner for your event at a party store. Generic banners are exactly that: generic. They’ll never get you the attention you need at an event or anywhere else. Do not settle for seriously boring banners.  Make sure they make a mighty impression with special event banners by the Mighty Sign Makers. Our banners are made specifically for you. Why be boring when you can show what makes your business unique? The Standard Banners have been the go-to signage for displaying special messages to your clients for a long time. They’re the perfect signage option for summer sales, special events, expansion announcements, or just to say welcome. With all of the possible reasons to use a banner, don’t use one that doesn’t represent you and your brand. Customize, Get Recognized The thing about a non-descript, generic banner is that when you buy it, you get exactly what you paid for. Your banner will say nothing about your business aside from whatever you managed to find that approximates the message you wanted to display. With banners by the Mighty Sign Makers at SGS, you get awesome signage with your brand and the exact message you want. That means that your banner can mesh seamlessly with the rest of your branding, from color to font. Because they can be branded, you can make sure that your sign is doing more for your business than advertising a sale. With a branded banner, you are increasing your brand exposure and the recognition you’ll receive from the sale you’re promoting. We can even match the exact color you need with our Eye-One color management system. Material Perfection The material that is used for a banner is important to you and to us. The material determines a lot about your…

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Best Types of Double-Sided Signs in Vancouver WA

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We like to go for walks. One reason we walk is because we’re competing with each other for Fitbit supremacy. We also like to catch all of the Pokémon, but for the most part, Vancouver is just a beautiful city to walk around in. Being in the biz, we can’t help but look at signs as we meander. Occasionally, we happen down one-way streets going against traffic and are surprised to notice how many signs are one-sided. Motorists are able to see these businesses’ messages (provided they’re not going the wrong way), but pedestrians going the opposite direction can’t. To us, this sure seems like a wasted opportunity to market to people on foot. This is why we’re going to talk to you today about the best double-sided signs in Vancouver, WA. Strap on your best walking shoes and come along! Get’em Coming and Going with Double-Sided Banners or Flags! As with most flat objects, banners and flags have two sides. You may not realize this because many organizations like to hang their banners on a wall where you can only see one side. That’s an okay option if you’re willing to accept your workers doing only half of the work they’re capable of. Though, when you think about it that way, it doesn’t sound too appealing, does it? We can digitally print whatever graphics you want on both sides of your hanging banner, or we can apply cut vinyl letters, numbers, and logos. Double-sided banners work great in hallways, between trees, and over roadways. For exterior uses, we create banners with holes in them that allow the wind to pass through without destroying your investment. Get in the Way with Sidewalk / A-Frame Signs Often times when we’re on our walks, we trip over A-frame signs when we’re too…

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Need Step and Repeat Banners in Vancouver WA?

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Sure, we all want to be big, big stars. And, rather than watching the stars walk the red carpet. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could be the star stopping to have your picture taken? Well, not everyone can be Gary Busey or Steve Buscemi or Whoopi Goldberg, but you can make the attendees at your next big event feel like they’re getting the star treatment while blasting your branding all over Facebook with step and repeat banners in Vancouver, WA. Lather, Rinse, Step, and Repeat Sometimes referred to as press walls or step and repeat walls, step and repeat banners are printed with repeating patterns, such as brand logos, and serve as publicity backdrops for event photography. When the photographs are published on Instagram or Snapchat or in the society section of the newspaper, everyone is exposed to the branding, and they think, “Wow! Company A is pretty hip! I should give them my business!” Most people when they think of this banner option envision movie premieres or other world-famous events, but we’re going to let you in on a little secret. We’re really not supposed to tell you this, and Hollywood is going to be pretty upset, but ANY business or individual can put these banners to use for their events. In fact, they’re so cost-effective that they should be part of every organization’s marketing and social media strategies. We Are Living in a Material World Step and repeat banners can be made from a variety of materials, including canvas, fabric, and poster paper. But, the Best Step and Repeat Banner Material in a Starring Role goes to vinyl. Vinyl takes the top award because it’s heavy duty, so you can use it year after year. We are also able to print vibrant, bright graphics on vinyl films…

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Event Signs and Graphics for Fall Festivals in Vancouver WA

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It’s too warm and sunny to think about fall, right? Well, not to be a Debby Downer, but the rain will be back eventually. We still have plenty of great weather ahead, but it doesn’t hurt businesses to prepare for the many fall events in Vancouver. Each fall, there are dozens of festivals and other events in the area, and when you take part in these, you really increase your company’s exposure. Thankfully, Specialty Graphic Solutions is here to help you build your brand awareness with signs and graphics for fall festivals in Vancouver, WA. Table Throws No, table throws aren’t the hottest new festival game to hit the Pacific Northwest. They fabric covers that provide a smart way for you to market your brand while camouflaging ugly brown tables and hiding the boxes you use to carry your marketing materials. We add custom colors and prints to the throws to get your message across. They’re essentially the Dude’s rug of event graphics: they’ll really tie your booth together. Canopy Tents Outdoor events in the fall in Vancouver are like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re gonna get…when it comes to the weather. You might get a lot of rain, or summer may not want to give up, and the sun’s rays could be beating down. You don’t have to worry about either of these scenarios when you have a canopy tent. The easy to assemble and transport tents are typically ten feet by ten feet, which will comfortably protect five people from Mother Nature’s rage. A-Frames In Historic Downtown Camas, you can expect plenty of foot traffic during the Annual Pumpkin Pageant. Vancouver businesses along Main Street get a lot of patrons during the Drink This! event. How can you get the attention of these consumers?…

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Weaves of Green: What We do with Recycled Banner Stock!

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Update – Unfortunately recycled banner stock is no longer available.  (Frown face emoji)  We continue to search and hope to find some soon.  Today’s consumers are savvy about how they use their resources. Many of us prefer to support businesses that are committed to green practices. As business owners, this often means hunting around for environmentally-friendly solutions. Methow Cycle & Sport believes in making America green again, so they contacted Specialty Graphic Solutions because they know what we do with recycled banner stock in Vancouver, WA. Methow Cycle Likes Cycling so Much that They Recycle Located on State Route 20 in Winthrop, WA, a small town in the beautiful Methow Valley near the Canadian border, Methow Cycle & Sport has been sharing their love for cycling for about a decade now. The bike shop was started by Joe and Julie after they quit their day jobs to follow their true love. Today, they offer bikes, rentals, repairs, gear, and they even host regular events, including improving local trails for mountain biking excursions. When an organization that’s so dedicated to promoting a mode of transportation that keeps Mother Nature green came to us for recycled banners in Vancouver, WA, we popped a metaphorical wheelie in joy to be of some assistance. As an earth-conscious company, they wanted signage that was in line with their ideals. They knew they could count on SGS because we’ve supplied them with banners made of recycled materials a couple times in the last two years. We didn’t let them down! Mean Green Banner Machines When we first met with Methow Cycle’s graphic design company – EVRYBDY, we listened closely to what they had in mind for their project. This also gave us a feel for their company culture. Knowing your company’s culture is crucial to us understanding…

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Do You Have These Retail Store Signs in Portland?

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There are stores and restaurants in Portland that don’t have any identifying markings. They instead rely on word-of-mouth and online publicity. And, even then, they need to have extraordinary products and services to keep people coming back. This might work if you’re trying to market to hipsters, but these enterprises are the exception rather than the rule because they’re essentially missing out on attracting foot traffic and building their brand in favor of creating a mystique that generally fades in time. On the other hand, you stand out in a crowded marketplace when you put retail store signs in Portland, Oregon to work for you. Fortunately, Specialty Graphic Solutions has markers that will attract your target audience, even if it’s hipsters. A-Frame Sidewalk Signs A-frame sidewalk signs are the land mines in retail war. They’re what you’re trying to get consumers to run into and take notice of. We recommend putting these in any areas that get a lot of foot traffic. These signs are ideal for displaying your store’s name, logo, and colors to boost your brand awareness. You can also use them to list your products and services. Bars and restaurants use these signs to promote their daily specials. Swooper Flags Swooper flags are great for catching the eye and bringing attention to your storefront. The wind from passing cars or the many Pacific Northwest storms keep your message flapping. And, the flags can be quite tall, so they’re visible from great distances. Swooper flags are the perfect way to promote annual sales events. And, we can provide you with a number of different fabric flags to install on the tip-proof post. For instance, when it is near the holiday season, one of our clients likes to use a flag to promote their gift wrapping services. Exterior Hanging…

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Retractable Banner Stands: Not Just for Trade Shows!

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For the most part, companies only dust off their retractable banner stands when trade show season comes along. Once their convention is over, the banners are tossed back into a closet and forgotten about until Seth in marketing has another event. At Specialty Graphic Solutions, we believe in unlocking retractable banner stands from their storage prisons and letting them market all year round. After all, we’re all about responsibly-raised everything in the Pacific Northwest, why not use free-range retractable banner stands? To help you learn more about how to best utilize retractable banner stands in Vancouver, WA, we put together this little guide. Here are some of the best uses: Retail Marketing We have discussed the benefits of using a variety of wall signs in retail stores to promote particular departments or seasonal lines. However, you may not have space on your walls. When you need something small and temporary or your lease doesn’t allow you to install more signs, a retractable banner stand will save the day. It’s the perfect way to promote your new gluten-free product line. Welcome Signs A welcome sign displayed in your reception area is the ideal way to put your banner stand to work for you. Guests will see the stands each time they enter your lobby. In addition, without spending an arm and a leg on something permanent, you add a colorful splash to your interior design. And, you can change out the banner as your décor changes or if you just get tired of the artwork. It sure beats redecorating your entire office! Backdrops Retractable banner stands don’t always have to be front row center. They also work behind your receptionist’s desk as a backdrop. This is just another trick to spiff up the décor in your lobby area. POS Displays No,…

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Rebranding Signage for a Senior Living Community in Vancouver WA

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Do you have an older relative that has worn the same style clothing since the ‘70s? It kind of makes you think they’re stuck in the past, doesn’t it? Well, the same goes for branding. Vancouver Pointe Senior Village likes to keep things fresh, so when they rebranded recently, they contacted the freshest sign shop in town, Specialty Graphic Solutions, for rebranding signs for senior living communities in Vancouver, WA. Vancouver Pointe Senior Village Celebrates the Art of Life Located on Northeast 66th Avenue near Vancouver Mall, Vancouver Pointe Senior Village, formerly Vancouver Village, prides itself on not being a “rest home” or an “institution.” They provide their residents with independent lifestyles in a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere. They take care of maintenance, meal planning, housekeeping, home repair, and other daily concerns so residents can spend more time visiting with friends, enjoying social opportunities, skateboarding, BMX biking, or doing whatever their hearts desire. When an organization that does so much to improve the quality of life of local golden agers came to us for rebranding signage for Vancouver, WA, we wasted no time in lending a hand. We did A LOT of work for them, and none of us are getting any younger, so let’s get into the specifics: On-Point Signage for Vancouver Pointe During our initial meeting with the client, we learned about the rebranding and name change. We performed a site survey and checked out all of their branded signage. They wanted us to update all of it with their new look. Here’s what we did: Panel Sign – At the back of the community, there’s a concrete wall that’s next to Andersen Road, a major traffic artery. They wanted to advertise to all of the motorists and passengers driving by. For this, we used a rust-resistant aluminum composite…

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Opening a New Business in Vancouver WA? What Signs Do You Need?

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Have you ever heard of the term “hang out a shingle”? It has become synonymous with starting a new business. Presumably, it got its origins because one could conceivably just put a little sign out front of their home or brick-and-mortar establishment and business would flood in. Sounds a little far-fetched, doesn’t it? These days, all the shingles in the world will put a roof over your head, but you need more than that to get clients to knock on your door. In fact, clients should be able to just walk in without knocking, but that’s for a different blog. Today, we’re going to explore the best new business signs for Vancouver, WA. Lobby Signs What’s the first thing customers see when they enter your place of business? Is it someone’s eyes peeking over a tall counter? Is it rows upon rows of chairs? Is it a “Caution Wet Floor” sign? None of these are all that helpful. If you want to impress consumers, let them know they have found the right place, and build your new brand, you need reception area signs. We have these in a variety of flavors, including metal, acrylic, PVC, and sign foam. We don’t recommend eating them, though. Window Graphics There are a lot of things that window graphics and lettering can do for your storefront. With the right graphics, you can actually enter consumers’ minds and influence their buying decisions. You might expect to spend millions of dollars on this type of technology, and we wouldn’t stop you, but you can really achieve this effect for much less. Window graphics are excellent for highlighting photos of your best-selling products and services. You can also publicize your grand opening date and special sales. Menu Boards If you run a restaurant where patrons come up…

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