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Boat Graphics for Fishing Guide Businesses Help Advertise Tours!

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Many sign companies say that they can wrap anything, but when you call them up, their claims don’t hold water. Well, at Specialty Graphic Solutions, we don’t claim that we can wrap everything, but we do have experience creating graphics for a variety of motor vehicles and appliances. Big Game Fishing wanted vinyl boat graphics in Hammond, Oregon, so they contacted SGS to find out if our skills are sea-worthy. Big Game Fishing Is More than a Game Located on 5th Avenue in Hammond, Oregon, Big Game Fishing is the business of fishing guide Jim Fowler. Jim runs guided fishing and crabbing trips near Buoy 10, a famous spot where the mighty Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean. He has been fishing the Columbia since he was a teenager riding his bike to the banks to cast a line. These days, he enjoys sharing his love of the river with his clients. When someone who’s as passionate about the Pacific Northwest as we are came to us for vinyl boat graphics for fishing guide businesses in Hammond, Oregon, we couldn’t wait to tackle the job. Thousands of anglers are typically out fishing at the famous spot where Jim takes his clients. This is especially true when the salmon are ready to start their migration up the river to spawning grounds. Jim felt like he was missing out on a great marketing and branding opportunity since he had nothing but his registration numbers on his boat. So, he contacted a couple other sign companies about his graphics ideas, but they weren’t up for the job. It takes a special sign shop to work on boats. Fortunately, SGS is pretty special. Big Game Graphics for Big Game Fishing We first set up an initial consultation with Big Game Fishing to check out…

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Unique Vehicle Wraps? We’ve Got ‘Em!

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Sure, we see vehicle wraps on cars, trucks, and vans on the road every day. They’re hard to miss. Yet, not all of us get around using these common modes of transportation. These days, and particularly in this part of the country, people are using all sorts of novel ways to travel. Who’s to say we can’t wrap a boat? Or a golf cart? No one. No one can tell us that we can’t wrap these things. So, that’s exactly what we did. Check out some of our unique vehicle wraps for Vancouver, WA in today’s blog post. Slick Golf Carts on and off the Links Just because golf carts are commonly used to transport horribly dressed people doesn’t mean that the carts themselves have to look bad. Dress up your golf carts with vehicle graphics. Who isn’t envious of someone driving a golf cart around? Make them more envious with sweet graphics. We applied the logo for ISG to one of their golf carts. Much to the chagrin of their employees, ISG doesn’t have an on-premises golf course. However, they do use a golf cart to cruise around their large campus. Now, the cart carries their branding and lends a level of authority to the vehicle. Show Your Forklift that You Really Care Forklift drivers sometimes spend more time with their four-wheeled friends than they do with their family. So, it’s only natural for a bond to develop. What better way to tell your forklift that you love her than with vehicle graphics? That’s exactly what we did for one forklift named Esther. We also included flowery flourishes. Now, one Vancouver forklift driver is traveling around in style. Hit the Road with RV Murals Is there anything more iconic than hitting America’s road in an RV? Whether you’re just…

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Amazing Vinyl Graphics for Custom-Built Boats!

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We’ve all noticed the vinyl graphics that are on cars. Most of them are promoting one company or another. Vehicle graphics are an effective way to catch eyes and get your message across. However, it’s rare that you see individuals with these custom graphics. And, it’s even rarer to see them on boats! Charles Silver realized that he could harness the power and style of vinyl graphics for his project, so he contacted the Specialty Graphic Solutions for vinyl graphics for custom built boats in Vancouver, WA. Who Built This Beautiful Boat? In all likelihood, you’ve already skipped ahead to take in the pictures of this gorgeous boat. Let us tell you about it. This craft was built from a kit by Charles Silver of Vancouver. It was a labor of love that took several classes and plenty of training to get the details just right. He then gave it the fitting moniker of “Silver Belle.” He now considers himself a Journeyman boat builder rather than an Apprentice since a “Journeyman has figured out how to fix his mistakes.” When an individual brings his pride and joy to us for vinyl graphics for custom built boats in Vancouver, WA, we’re delighted to help out! Charles wanted vinyl lettering to display the name of the boat. We wanted to make sure we got it just right, so we had him come in to look at our vinyl color swatches. Once he found what he wanted, we got right down to work. The Belle of the Ball Charles has a great eye for detail. He chose metallic silver vinyl for the main letters with a dark blue accent for the shadowing on the right of the letters. To get technical, we used Oracal 751 Cast vinyl: Silver Metallic and Dark Blue, to…

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