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3D Letter Logo Lobby Signs in Vancouver Great for Dental Firms!

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When clients enter your office suite, how do they know who you are? You could hire a guy to dress as your company’s mascot and greet everyone who enters. Or, you could get a bunch of balloons with your organization’s name on them and drop’em from the ceiling every time someone opens the door. Of course, the UPS guy will get real tired of that real quick, and your receptionist probably doesn’t want to pick up the balloons over and over again. The easiest way to welcome client in is to just install 3D letter signs in your lobby. That’s precisely what Dental Service LLC wanted when they contacted Specialty Graphic Solutions for lobby signs for dental firms in Vancouver, WA. Brace Yourself for Dental Service Situated on Northeast 20th Avenue in the Salmon Creek neighborhood of Vancouver, Dental Service LLC provides administrative and back of the house support for several dental practices throughout the Pacific Northwest. They offer a broad range of services, including payroll and billing, handling of insurance claims, maintaining facilities, creating training programs for staff, and much more. When an organization that does so much to help other local businesses came to us for 3D letter logo lobby signs in Vancouver, WA, we couldn’t wait to sink our teeth into the project. They wanted a classy way to show off their company name and logo to everyone who entered their offices. Fortunately, they contacted the right mighty sign makers! We Gave Dental Service the SGS Treatment! When Dental Service contacted us, we went through our usual drill. We discussed what they had in mind for their project and performed a site survey. They’d recently expanded and remodeled their office space and wanted a beautiful new dimensional letter sign for behind their reception desk. Based on their…

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Dimensional Lettering for Banks and Credit Unions in Portland

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What do you think about when you hear the term “one-dimensional”? If you’re into geometry, you might envision a line. No one likes lines. Besides, lines make for terrible signs. This is why we offer three-dimensional signs instead of just one-dimensional signs. Portland Local 8 Federal Credit Union wanted all three dimensions for their dimensional lettering for banks in Portland, Oregon, so they contacted the pros at Specialty Graphic Solutions. What’s So Great about Portland Local 8? Located on Northwest Front Avenue in Portland, Portland Local 8 Federal Credit Union (FCU) was founded in 1954 by Homer D. MacDonald and six other members of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union. Their mission is to offer a welcoming environment while striving to become the primary financial institution for their members. They provide competitive loan rates and dividends on deposits. And, they’re always expanding their services as well as supplying education on financial issues. When an organization that does so much to help union members achieve financial security came to us for dimensional lettering for credit unions in Portland, Oregon, they knew they could bank on our support. Portland Local 8 FCU has a small branch, and they wanted to put lettering on a gorgeous wood wall behind their teller stations. Our mighty sign makers knew just what to do. We Were Right on the Money First thing’s first, we needed to meet with the client to discuss what they had in mind for their project. This included performing a site survey where our mighty sign maker Taylor closely examined the curvature of the wood wall where the letters were to be installed and took some measurements. We needed to be sure the letters of their dimensional letter sign were sized appropriately to fit the curve. A popular lettering option for financial…

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Dimensional Letter Logo Wall Sign Brands Senior Living Center!

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Whenever we walk into a business and see a blank wall, we think of missed opportunities. Your walls are your chance to boost your brand awareness or share information with everyone who visits your facility. Sullivan Park Care Center realized this, so they called in Specialty Graphic Solutions for dimensional letter logo signs in Spokane, WA. What Goes on at Sullivan Park Care Center? Located on East 4th Avenue in Spokane, Sullivan Park Care Center is a senior living community that’s part of the Prestige Care family. Their beautiful rehabilitation and nursing center offers support and assistance from a staff of caregivers whose goal is to be a positive part of their residents’ daily lives. They take great care to accommodate the unique needs of each resident by offering activities that specifically cater to them. When an organization that does so much to keep golden agers happy came to us for dimensional letter logo signs for senior living community in Spokane, WA, we would’ve been off our rockers to say no. We’ve worked on a number of projects for Prestige Care facilities in the past throughout Oregon and Washington. So, they knew they could count on us to do a great job! We Gave Sullivan Park Care Center the SGS Treatment During an initial consultation, we learned that Sullivan Park Care Center wanted a logo sign for their conference room. The difficult part was that their branding involves the colors blue and white, but the conference room’s décor relied heavily on brown and beige colors. If we stuck with their corporate colors, the sign would be off-putting at best. We suggested a marker with a gold, metallic finish that would show off the company’s brand while still complementing the existing décor and colors. They thought that sounded fantastic. We started…

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