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Car Wraps

Hot Wheels Blue: A Mastiff-Sized Color Change Wrap

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Don Houfek is a man that can think big.  Like Mastiff big.  Don owns Houfek Mastiffs,  breeding and training Mastiff dogs as a “hobby”.

Don wanted a color change wrap on his 2014 Jeep Wrangler.  The Jeep came with a black on gray color scheme that just wasn’t blowing up his skirt.  There are so many color change options to choose from, so he came in to try to pick the perfect one.  After checking out some of the colors we could do, Don went old school with a metal flake in bright blue. We love this look and call it “Hot Wheels Blue” because it looks just like the cars we played with when we were young.

A vinyl wrap is the way to go with color changes.  A specialty color like metallic blue is very expensive to paint. A vinyl wrap is a much more affordable option. The best part is that if Don wants to update the color down the line and go with his second choice, purple metallic, we can easily replace the blue and in a day, he’ll drive out with a new car.

Not Your Grandpa’s Jeep

This job wasn’t as straight forward as we had originally thought.  It turns out that a 2014 Jeep Wrangler has a LOT of parts and pieces that need to come off before we can install a wrap. It seems Jeep didn’t have color change wraps in mind when they designed the modern Wrangler.  For the Mighty Sign Makers, this was just a bump in the road.

To properly install a color change there are several steps.  Just like painting your house the prep work takes the longest. Door handles, mirrors, spare tire rack and the front grill all came off.  When doing a vehicle wrap, most places just cut around the metal logos with make, model, etc. SGS doesn’t do that. When we do a wrap on a vehicle we wrap underneath these logos. So, all those things came off too (with some effort). Cutting around these logos can lead to things like seam lines, which can be a failure point. For the Mighty Sign Makers, failure is not an option.

While we were wrapping the vehicle, we noticed that Don had a screen in the back to keep a dog from jumping the seats.  Curious, we asked if that was enough room for a Mastiff.  Don smiled and said, “No problem.” He’s fit three of the big dogs back there, comfortably. This is a picture of a Don and a mastiff:

Don is not a small man. This was not a small Jeep.

Mighty Quality

Some jobs go quickly. Others, like a color change, require attention to every little detail and take more time to get right. But when a wrapped vehicle leaves our shop, it gets the Mighty Sign Maker Certificate of Awesomeness.  We treat every project like it was done for our mother. If you love your mother too then Specialty Graphic Solutions is the place to go.  Perfect is our starting point and we always exceed our customer’s expectations.

Brand with on Fleek Fleet Graphics in Vancouver, WA

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At Specialty Graphic Solutions, it’s our job to stay abreast of the latest trends. After all, how are we going to provide our clients with recommendations that’ll keep them looking fashionable for many years to come if we don’t know what’s fashionable? In 2017, vinyl is in. Whether you’re out on the town or just keeping it parked at home, vinyl is the way to go.

Wait! What are you doing? Don’t head to the closest mall to buy up the latest vinyl clothing, unless that’s your thing. We don’t judge. We’re talking about making your fleet on fleek with vinyl graphics. Today, we’ll look at some of the ways you can boost your name recognition with fleet graphics in Vancouver, WA.

What Options Are Available?

Much like there are different styles of clothes, there are various types of vehicle graphics you can pick from for your fleet. But, unlike the fashion industry, the amount of material used is usually a good indicator of price. Here’s what’s currently en vogue:

Full and Partial Vehicle Wraps – Full wraps are either the Chanel or muumuu of vehicle graphics: they’re your most expensive option, and they cover everything. No other graphics grab as much attention as full wraps. If full wraps are out of your price range, you might consider partial wraps, which cover anywhere from 25% to 75% of your vehicle.

Perforated Window Vinyl – Vinyl window perf is like a mask for your car. It covers your windows. Before you grow concerned about your drivers getting in accidents because they can’t see anything, you should know that we only install window perf on rear windows, and the vinyl film has thousands of tiny holes that allow you to see out of your vehicle.

Spot Graphics – Your work van will look great in this season’s latest vinyl decals. Boost your brand recognition with decals showcasing your logo. Or, use spot graphics featuring enlarged photographs of your handiwork or top-selling items to really make a splash.

Truck Lettering – We all know someone who’s able to pull off great looks without breaking the bank. In the world of vehicle graphics, that someone would be truck lettering. This is the most affordable way for you to put your company name, contact information, and a list of products and services on your fleet. You can pick from whatever colors you want as well as matte, metallic, reflective, and neon vinyl styles.

Let Us Give You a Makeover

Without looking down our nose at you like some snooty Neiman Marcus employee, we’ll find the right graphics for your budget whether you have a fleet of two trucks or dozens of vehicles of all types. We’ll hook you up with professionally designed, fabricated, and installed graphics and lettering.

If you manage a fleet, the chances are you’re quite busy. So, let our mighty sign makers take care of every step of the process. We can evaluate your cars, vans, trucks, and boats and make recommendations that will fit your goals. Contact Specialty Graphic Solutions today for a free consultation on fleet graphics in Vancouver, WA.

Looking for the Best Vehicle Wraps in Portland OR?

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We’re always a little hesitant to talk about vehicle wraps during the holiday season because the word “wrap” tends to have different connotations at this time of year. For many, it can be traumatizing with the mountains of presents that need to be wrapped. For others, they may envision the cute, oversized red bows that rich people put on cars they’re giving as gifts. For today’s blog entry, we hope you’ll put these images aside and consider the best vehicle wraps for Portland, OR: the ones that make your company vehicle stand out!

What to Look for in the Best Vehicle Wrap Companies

Sign companies vary wildly when it comes to quality. There are some shops that are run out of the stinky garage of some guy named Lance. He only takes orders online and only when he’s able to check his website using his dial-up connection. Most of the time, Lance’s teenage kids are on the phone so your wrap order will have to wait until another day. He gets his vinyl from the arts and crafts store down the block. On the other hand, the best vehicle wrap sign shops have the following characteristics:

They Treat You Right

When you try to save a few bucks with an online sign maker, you often miss out on customer support. However, you’ll talk to a real live person (no zombies!) when you call us. We’ll listen closely to your goals for your vehicle wrap and keep you in the loop every step of the way. And, if your wrap is ever giving you trouble, you can stop by, and we’ll fix it for you. Or, we can come to you. Meanwhile, Lance can’t seem to get his AOL email to work right. You won’t be hearing from him.

They Have Fancy Equipment

We love giving our clients tours of our shop. We have fun software that shows you exactly what your car will look like once it’s wrapped. And, our large format digital printers are also pretty neat-o. A good sign company should also be able to store the artwork for your full vehicle wrap so they can print out replacement pieces if you get in an accident or if you run afoul of some scofflaws.

They Need to Be Able to Win Wrap Battles

Sometimes installation is a battle but only if you don’t have the right equipment. Lance won’t install your wrap for you. And, let’s put it this way: we’ve never seen any untrained individuals successfully install a wrap. It’s tough. You need the skills of a top-quality sign shop with the thousands of dollars of necessary equipment. Besides, many wrap warranties are void if you don’t have a professional install your wrap for you.

This should give you a good idea of where to look for the best vehicle wraps in Portland, OR. (HINT: It’s Specialty Graphics Solutions!) If you do end up getting a car with a red bow for Christmas, please contact our mighty sign makers for a cool wrap.

You Move Me Markets with Ford E350 Van Wraps in Vancouver!

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Do you run a small business? How do you get the most out of your advertising dollars? From attempting to make viral videos to clever promotions, creative entrepreneurs use an array of methods to try to get the word out about their business without shelling out the big bucks. One method that continues to work time and again is wrapping your company vehicles in vinyl graphics. You Move Me realized this, so they enlisted the help of the mighty sign makers at Specialty Graphics Solutions for Ford E350 van wraps for Vancouver, WA.

You Move Me Is Always on the Move

You Move Me is a professional moving company franchise that covers the entire nation. Our local franchise is located on Main Street in Vancouver.  Their mission is to not only deliver their clients’ boxes from their old house to their new, but they also aim to make the experience as seamless as possible. They employ talented packing specialists, who take care of the worst part of moving. And, on moving day when the coffee maker is packed, they even bring customers a cup of coffee!

When an organization that goes above and beyond for local residents came to us for moving company partial van wraps in Vancouver, WA, we were pleased to help. You Move Me already had experience with our skills. Back in the summer of 2013, the franchise owner brought his SUV to us for new graphics, so we were the obvious choice when he got a new van and wanted it to be noticed on the road.

We Moved Them

We still had the artwork from the SUV on file, but the corporate marketing team for You Move Me wanted to go a different direction with the van. They designed the graphics, and we ensured they were positioned and sized correctly for the Ford E350 van. For instance, we made certain the front mover didn’t have the ridge of the window frame or the split between the doors running right through his face. That wouldn’t look very friendly now, would it?

You Move Me also had a unique request. They wanted graphics for the roof of their van. Now, you may wonder: how are motorists and pedestrians going to see that? Well, they probably won’t. But, as the movers move folks in and out of multi-story apartment buildings and condos, other residents will look down and clearly see their message. Brilliant!

We printed the graphics out on a variety of vinyl. We used 3M 180Cv3 cast wrap vinyl and 3M’s matching 8519 luster overlaminate to keep the printed graphics looking sharp longer. For the windows, we used vinyl perf, so passersby can easily see the You Move Me message while still allowing the driver to see out of the windows for a safe moving trip. For the black text on the roof and a few spots on the sides, we filled in with some Avery high-performance vinyl because it’s high quality, affordable, and durable.

Finally, we installed it all in about half a day in the SGS garage. In the end, You Move Me was completely moved by the job we did.

Are you ready to boost sales? Contact us today for a free consultation on vehicle wraps!

What’s Next for iQ Credit Union? How About a Wrapped Scion IQ?

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You may remember our friends at iQ Credit Union from such blog posts as “Go Wild with Floor Graphics that Get Noticed” and “Life-Size Cutouts Are Big Part of Legendary Marketing Promotion.” As one of our favorite clients, they came back with a unique request. The mission at hand (and we did choose to accept it); Vehicle Wraps!

A Little Info about iQCU

iQ Credit Union has more than a dozen branches throughout Vancouver. They’ve been serving the area for 75 years. iQ was founded by a group of teachers with the goal of helping others in their profession borrow and save. Today, iQ has members in any profession, or no profession at all. The name comes from the credit union’s emphasis on financial intelligence and a commitment to educators.

When iQ asked us about Vancouver car wraps, we jumped at the chance to help them. So, what kind of car do you think iQ wanted us to wrap? You have one guess. That’s right: a Scion IQ.

The Scion IQ was already wrapped with iQ’s original graphics, but since they’ve updated their branding, they wanted their ride to reflect that new look.

The brilliant Marketing Team at the credit union had already created a design for the wrap. They just needed us to print and install it. Of course, as a full service commercial sign company, our mighty sign makers at Specialty Graphic Solutions can take care of the design part of the process for you, too.

Clean Green Vinyl Cling

Actually, it’s more like adhesive vinyl and not cling, but that just doesn’t rhyme. The laminate and film for this project are from one of our favorite manufacturers, 3M. Their Envision Cast Wrap is perfect for those of us who want to keep it green. What makes it green? We’re glad you asked. This vinyl is made in part with bio-based materials, non-PVC, has improved removability, is made without chlorine or other halogens added, and phthalate free. Don’t know what any of that means? That’s okay. Just know that it’s better for the air we breathe and the water we drink.

While you are enjoying that water, take a moment to view this slick time lapse video of the installation process. You can see that we take our time to make sure the job is done right. This ensures the Scion IQ car wraps will last for many years to come. In the end, we had another satisfied client.

Wraps as Unique as Your Business

You don’t need to run a credit union to take advantage of vinyl car wraps. In fact, you don’t even need to be in the financial sector at all. We lay down more wraps than Kanye West interrupting the latest awards ceremony. And, we do it for every type of business, including independent contractors, delivery vehicles, auto dealerships, as well as personal vehicles.

Do you want to dress your car to impress? Contact the experts at SGS today, and we’ll show you what we can do.