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Dry Erase White Boards

Turn Surfaces into Dry Erase White Boards! Not Just for Walls!

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When we mention dry erase boards, you probably envision boring classrooms or meeting rooms with the classic white board at the front. You may think of a monotone teacher or meeting leader at the front repeating himself at the front of the class a la Ben Stein in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: “Bueller. Bueller. Bueller…” Meanwhile, half of the room is dozing off.

At Specialty Graphic Solutions, we’ve seen the writing on the wall, and we weren’t impressed. That’s why we’ve decided to add our own twist to the old standby. Read on to learn how we turn surfaces into dry erase boards in Vancouver, WA.

This Ain’t Your Grandpa’s Dry Erase Board!

If you’re still imagining turning a break room wall into a dry erase wall, you need to start thinking more horizontally! We can apply a clear layer of dry erase lamination to any horizontal surface. For instance, we can turn the hood of your truck or trunk of your car into a mobile dry erase board. If you’re in search of a wild and creative design unique to your company, look no further than SGS!

The dry erase board laminate works well with any graphics. You might consider incorporating a subtle, translucent version of your logo: enough to notice but not enough to obscure what you’re trying to write.

Dry erase boards are useful just about anywhere, including retail point of purchase areas, schools and day care centers, professional offices, and so on.

Markers Matter

Most of the time, when we refer to “markers,” we’re just using another word for signs. Just this once, we ask you to think of the marking devices that you hold in your hand. You may not realize that not all markers are the same. In fact, each dry erase laminate has specific markers that provide the best results. In our meeting room, we have an awesome clear dry erase board, but some colors and markers work better than others.

In the project pictured here, the dry erase laminate product is for use with dry erase pens. For best results, the manufacturer suggests the following dry erase brand marking pens:

  • Avery Marks-a-Lot ®
  • Expo Scents ®
  • Expo Bold Color ®
  • Expo Regular ®

We also recommend that you use special white board cleaner once in a while to really clean up the board. Of course, you can also save a few bucks by using plain rubbing alcohol. Avoid using water or other solvents because it can actually damage the laminate or interact with the marker to create a mess of your board.

Are you ready to turn your cafeteria tables into doodling areas? Or, do you want to make it so people can leave notes directly on the receptionist’s desk? Perhaps, you’re more creative than us and have something even cooler in mind! We’d love to help you with your project! Contact the mighty sign makers at SGS today for a free consultation and turn surfaces into dry erase boards in Vancouver, WA!