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Consider Using Vinyl Graphics on Walls and Floors in Portland Oregon!

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Nothing beats vinyl. The way you can hear all of the minor imperfections of the record as the needle moves along the ridges. The beautiful sound created when you have “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” blasting at full volume and your cat hits the tone arm creating that signature scratch sound. Whether it’s Led Zeppelin IV, Back in Black, or Rumours, we all have our favorite vinyl. Honestly, though, at Specialty Graphic Solutions, we can’t stand vinyl unless we’re playing with it. No, we’re not talking about some Grandmaster Flash-style scratching. Instead, we like to put high-resolution graphics on top-quality vinyl adhesives and stick it just about everywhere. We’re so good at it, businesses contact us to put vinyl graphics on walls and floors in Portland, Oregon. Let’s look at some of our greatest hits! (Off the) Wall Graphics This isn’t your grandma’s wallpaper. Wall graphics, also called wall murals or digitally printed wallpaper, can showcase images of your top-selling products, handiwork you’re particularly proud of, or your company’s slogan. The graphics are printed directly onto the vinyl using our large-format digital printer. We then sneak into your venue like ninjas and install the graphics without disrupting your work. That’s all well and great, but who uses wall graphics? We’re glad you asked. Basically, any organization with at least one wall. Here’s a (nowhere near comprehensive) list: Professional Offices – Whether you’re looking for an affordable way to remodel your interiors or a simple solution for adding motivational quotes to your break room walls, your professional office can benefit from wall lettering and murals. Restaurants – Have you ever been so engrossed in the décor of a Mexican restaurant that you forgot you were actually in the Pearl District? Chances are vinyl murals of scenes from Mexico put you in that mood (with perhaps…

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Floor Graphics in Vancouver WA: More Than Just Wayfinding Signs!

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As you make your way on foot from point A to point B, what are you doing with your eyes? I mean, sure, they’re hanging out in your head seeing stuff, but in what direction are they looking? Chances are you’re taking this opportunity in your busy day to catch up with emails or social media on your smartphone. This device is probably held at waist-level – unless it’s your selfie power hour (we don’t judge). Consequently, your gaze is tilted down toward the floor. Well, savvy marketers have caught on to this and are now using floor space to advertise to you. Sure, you may be familiar with floor graphics pointing the way to various amenities within a facility, but these days, they’re being used for so much more. Here are some excellent uses for floor graphics in Vancouver, WA. Promotional Floor Graphics We’ll come clean with you: floor graphics in high-traffic areas don’t last as long as vinyl graphics in other locations. We use the best materials on the market, but even they will only last you for up to a year or so if you have aggressive steppers. To prolong the life of your floor graphics, you could lead a class in walking gently before anyone can enter your venue, or you can take advantage of floor graphics for your short-term promotions. For instance, our friends over at iQ Credit Union used paw-print floor graphics for one of their quarterly promotions. Notice that the graphics work on carpeting? That’s just the kind of wizardry you get when you contact us. Clients Will Be Floored by Your Logo Lobby signs are pretty cool. They let guests know they’ve found the right place and promote your brand. This is why you usually see pretty fancy logos on display on…

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Concrete Graphics in Vancouver: Advertise and Walk on Color!

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It’s a cutthroat business world out there these days. With so much competition in the marketplace, if you don’t get your advertising out there on every available surface, your rivals will walk all over you. Then again, one of the best ways to boost your branding is with advertisements that your rivals, consumers, and everyone else can walk all over. No, we’re not talking about throwing your posters, mailings, and newspaper ads on the ground and hoping people see them. That’s littering! Instead, we’re referring to floor graphics, and they’re no longer just for indoor use. Come with us as we explore the fascinating world of concrete graphics in Vancouver, WA. These Aren’t Your Grandma’s Floor Graphics Through years of research and evolution, the body of scientific research has finally culminated in new materials that make it possible for marketing masterminds to get their brand and message on the streets…literally. Our mighty sign makers have a few different options at their disposal for putting custom, full-color exterior graphics on asphalt, brick, concrete, and other non-traditional surfaces. Our material of choice is the award-winning AlumiGraphics. AlumiGraphics is a “foil-based medium” made of heavy duty and pliable aluminum foil. There are two styles: smooth and grip. Smooth has a non-glare, satin finish that’s ideal for rigid surfaces, like concrete block, brick, and stucco. Grip is much better suited for surfaces where people will be walking since it’s slip resistant and reflective. This makes it perfect for asphalt, concrete, and tile. Benefits of AlumiGraphics We don’t have room in this blog post to go into all of the benefits of AlumiGraphics. So, we’ve put together this verbal highlight reel: Conformity – This rugged aluminum foil-based material naturally conforms to the texture of rough or smooth surfaces to appear like a painted graphic. Slip…

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Ready to Use Vinyl Graphics Inside Your Vancouver Business? Here’s How!

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Vinyl isn’t just for hipster record collectors and people with interesting taste in clothing. These days, vinyl films are used on just about every surface in professional offices from tabletops to floors to windows. Are you curious about how vinyl could benefit your organization? You’re in luck. Just read on to learn about the many varied uses for vinyl graphics for businesses in Vancouver, WA. Lobby Signs When you envision a lobby sign, you may picture dimensional letters mounted behind a reception desk. This is effective. However, if you have a large focal wall in your lobby, you may want to think a little bigger. With vinyl graphics, you can have a logo that takes up an entire wall and dominates the visual field of anyone who enters your building. The only way to make a more permanent impression with your branding is to heat up a branding iron and apply it to the posteriors of your clients. We think vinyl graphics will yield better long-term results. Wall Art or Murals It used to be that the height of interior décor was a boring, old watercolor painting that depicted a neutral scene. Nowadays, you have the ability to cover your walls with high-resolution images of anything you want. Do you have photos of work that your company produced that you’re particularly proud of? We can render it in fine detail on vinyl using our large format digital printer. This is motivational to employees and intriguing to customers and guests. Wayfinding Signs Do people have a hard time finding their way around your facility? You can make life more difficult for these people by installing vinyl graphics that point visitors in the wrong direction. Want to make your building a pleasant place to visit? Vinyl lettering can also be used to…

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Go Wild with Floor Graphics That Get Noticed

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What is a floor graphic?  Floor graphics are custom marketing tools made from a very durable vinyl and can be any shape, size and design.  They adhere to your flooring surface for short and medium term promotions and are easily removed.  Use them as directional signs for your business, attention grabbers at a trade show or to add a whimsical touch to a marketing campaign.  Thinking these unusual marketing tools might help with your next promotion?  Check out these wild ways our customers have used floor graphics to get noticed!  Maybe they’ll inspire a great new idea for your company. Now That’s a BIG FOOT! The search for the Sasquatch is over – at least with iQ Credit Union’s latest quarterly promotion.  Legend has it this elusive, wild beast is well known for the large foot prints it’s rumored to leave behind.  So it was only logical that big foot floor graphics would make a big statement as part of this fun campaign.  Any creature smart enough to elude capture for decades knows that a credit union is a great place to stash their cash, even if they don’t wipe their feet before coming inside.  IQ Credit Union is celebrating 75 years of legendary service with these floor graphics that complement a 7 foot tall Sasquatch in every branch. Yep – we made those too.  Check it out here.  We just wonder where he keeps his debit card! Doggone Good Rates A few promotions ago, iQ Credit Union went to the dogs.  These great paw print floor graphics were just one element of a quarterly campaign featuring doggone good rates. The floor graphics we produced were fun for all the credit union members.  Kids & adults alike eagerly followed the dog prints in the branches.  These floor graphics were a…

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Floor Stickers Lead Customers

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Floor stickers as directional Signage Floor stickers as directional Signage.These bright blue spots catch attention and lead the way to the IT department location. Lewis and Clark College just finished consolidating their IT Help Services into a single Help Desk located in the library.    Once the move was completed, the IT staff was then faced with the question of how to make sure students, faculty and staff could find them.  The answer –  Floor graphics! The college created a fun & noticeable path with bright blue dots on the floor that led to the new service desk in the Aubrey R. Watzek Library.  No need for extra confusion and headaches when IT services changed locations.  The dots clearly led the way. And no worries that they had different floor surfaces to work with in the library.  These graphics work on tile, low pile carpets, linoleum, hardwood, concrete and more. Wayfinding is crucial on a college campus – especially with so many new students arriving each year.  Effective signs and graphics are a smart tool to help people get where they need to go. And especially in the 11th hour when that laptop seems to have eaten the essay due tomorrow – the IT service desk staff didn’t want frustrated students to end up getting lost while looking for help. Ta-da! The bright 4 foot wide circle is a great way to announce, “You’re in the right place!” According to Kelly Wainwright, Sr. Director of Client Engagement,  the floor graphics are working.  Folks are finding the help desk and even having a little fun in the process.  She said some folks actively try to step on each dot and others purposefully avoid walking on them – maybe because they don’t want to ruin the dots. But walking on them is no…

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