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Have You Visited Our “Wildcard” Signage Tab? Here’s What You’ll Find!

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If you’ve ever visited the Wild Card Gallery on our website, you know that we’re capable of just about anything. This gallery consists of projects we’ve completed that don’t easily fit into nice neat categories. These are the Robert Frosts of signage: they take the road less traveled. Most other sign shops would say “no” to making these markers. Fortunately, the mighty sign makers at Specialty Graphic Solutions love tackling new challenges. In today’s blog, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the custom signs for Vancouver, WA that we’ve made. Customize Your Meeting Materials You can get a lot of planning done over the Internet. Yet, there’s only so much you can see on your computer screen, and a lot of people just skip over emails and other important information. Many organizations still rely heavily on dry erase boards because of this. We help our customers visualize their work obstacles and create plans of attack with custom dry erase boards featuring their branding. Unique Awards that Winners Are Proud to Display Have you ever won an award and been embarrassed by the quality of the knickknack? The chances are you weren’t too interested in showing it off. When events or businesses cut corners on trophies and awards, it shows. Plus, they’re missing out on a great opportunity to boost their brand awareness. At SGS, we can produce a broad range of awards at a relatively affordable price. We only supply pieces that are sure to catch eyes. This will guarantee that recipients will display their awards on their walls or in other prominent places where others are sure to see your incorporated branding. We’ve become a leading trophy maker for dragon boat races. Check out our paddle awards! Graphics for that Special Someone Do you have…

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Custom Labels and Decals, Oh My!

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What’s the least expensive sign you can purchase? Posters? No, they’re quite cost effective, but there are cheaper alternatives out there. Window graphics? You can get a great deal on those as well, but they generally require a special kind of vinyl that can cost a bit more. Lightbox cabinet signs? Okay, now you’re not even trying. Here’s a hint: look at the title of today’s blog. That’s right! Custom labels and decals for Vancouver, WA are typically the least expensive signage option available to you. Learn about what wonderful creations we can make for you below: We Spell Custom Decals “R-O-I” No, we didn’t fail elementary school spelling. We mean that you get a high return on investment (ROI) for your marketing bucks when you choose vinyl decals. If you’re about to launch a new product, you want as many people as possible to see it. When you use every marketing tool at your disposal you can achieve this. Decals can build the recognition of your products when used in conjunction with other advertising. Hand the decals out to satisfied customers so they can also serve as your biggest supporters. Promote Special Sales The custom labels and decals we create have made their way into grocery stores, heaters, banks, and just about anywhere else you can think of. Our custom labels are used by retailers to show which products are part of a one-day sale and which are going to cost you full price. We have an array of adhesive that make it easy for you to peel the sticker off after the sale or to keep them on until the end of time or a few years, whichever comes first. Remember that Event Where They Gave out the Decals? People can’t help but remember events where they received…

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Stickers and Decals Have More Uses Than You Think!

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When you think of a commercial sign company, you probably envision that we just produce large signs that can be seen from miles away or that we cover vehicles with sweet graphics. Sure, we do these things quite well. However, we also produce small stickers and decals that can be placed just about anywhere and used for any purpose. Read on to learn how you can use vinyl stickers and decals for Vancouver, WA businesses. Let People Know about Your Promo We have fabricated vinyl decals that have made their way into diverse places, such as grocery stores. Retailers can use custom stickers to denote which items in their store are part of a promotion and which aren’t part of your buy-one-get-one-free sales event. Let’s get serious for a moment: there are some shoppers who can’t resist the temptation to take the discount sticker off one product and put it on another. We can foil these ne’er-do-wells with vinyl adhesives that are designed for one-time use and one-time use only. If only Scooby Doo was this clever! Give It Away Now People love free stuff. For just a few cents each, you can satisfy consumers’ cravings for free items when you have vinyl decals to give away. Best of all, when you incorporate your company’s branding into the sticker in an attention-grabbing way, you’ll be advertising your business wherever the sticker ends up. We often get calls for stickers from organizations as they prepare for trade show season. Get the Most out of Your Marketing Budget Do you have a new-fangled product that you’re about to launch? The best way to get the word out about it is to get it in front of as many eyes as possible. You can achieve this by using every marketing tool at your…

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