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Just the Facts about Monument Signs!

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We can all agree that the Washington Monument is noticeable. If you had this as your primary identification marker, customers throughout the Pacific Northwest would flock to your store. However, few businesses have the room or millions of dollars needed to build such a structure. Plus, it would go against most local ordinances. Fortunately, Specialty Graphic Solutions offers the next best thing: monument signs for Vancouver, WA. Read on to learn how you can put this affordable option to work for your enterprise. What Makes Monument Signs so Great? As you cruise around Vancouver, one of the most memorable exterior signs you’ll see is monument signs. Businesses usually use these signs as landmarks when they give out directions to their facilities. For example, your receptionist may tell clients to “Hang a right on Northeast 13th Avenue, and we’re on the left after the big blue sign.” Here are some examples of the many different solutions you can pick from: Concrete, Sign Foam, and Metal – One of the most affordable alternatives for monument signs in Vancouver, WA features raised PVC or sign foam logos and letters on an aluminum composite panel and held in place with a concrete base. They take center stage after dark when we add spotlighting or landscape lighting. Routed Panels – Routed panels are one of the most versatile monument sign options. There are acrylic/PVC, metal, recessed, acrylic/sign foam, and illuminated solutions. Sandblasted Signs – Sandblasted signs are an excellent choice for any organization that wants to project a warm, traditional look, such as retailers, medical offices, and real estate brokers. How are they made? It’s similar to how Rambo takes out a helicopter in First Blood Part II. Only, we blast sand and air instead of a rocket at natural wood or sign foam panels…

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Minnehaha Early Learning Center Lights Up with Backlit Electric Pole Sign!

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The worst part about opening up a new location for your organization is finding that there’s already a large primary identification sign on the property that has the name of another business on it. Great! Now, what’re you going to do? You could change the name of your organization to match what’s on the sign. Or, you can call Specialty Graphic Solutions to update the markers. Minnehaha Early Learning Center chose the latter option and contacted us for exterior signs for schools in Vancouver, WA. Minnehaha Is No Joke Located on Northeast Saint Johns Road in Vancouver, Minnehaha Early Learning Center is an early childhood learning center recently opened up by Educational Services District (ESD) 112. The goals of ESD 112 are threefold: student success, healthy communities, and operations expertise. For 40 years, they’ve been a key educational partner in delivering and creating programs that benefit children, communities, and schools in Southwest Washington. When an organization that does so much for our area youth came to us for backlit electric pole signs in Vancouver, WA, we grabbed our pencils and rulers and got down to work. We’d performed work for ESD 112 in the past. Specifically, we refurbished a monument sign for the Hough Early Learning Center. You can see it on our Building & Monument Sign page or browse our gallery for more examples! The new location for Minnehaha needed new graphics on the pole sign that was already on the property. You better believe our mighty sign makers were up for the task! What We Did for Minnehaha After an initial consultation during which we checked out the pole sign and took some measurements, we came up with some ideas for ESD 112. You see, the sign had to be visible in daylight as well as with light…

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Types of Exterior Building Signs for Your Vancouver Business!

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Where do potential customers first learn about your company? If you have a massive budget, it may be from product placement in the latest Michael Bay movie. If you’re like the rest of us, though, you have a tight marketing budget and have to rely on traditional ways to get your name out there, such as exterior building signs. Vancouver, WA property managers and business owners who want to make an outstanding first impression turn to the mighty sign makers at Specialty Graphic Solutions for their markers. Take a look at these examples of our handiwork to see why: Monument Signs CriterionBrock wanted a classy way to help their clients find their storefront. As a flooring company, they wanted to demonstrate that they thought outside of the box, so we helped them project this image with a unique monument sign. Monument signs are usually installed along a busy roadway near the entrance to your parking lot and are substantial enough to serve as landmarks. For instance, the receptionist might tell clients to hang a left at the big silver monument sign when offering directions over the phone. Panel Signs RoofLine Supply’s new facility was close to a major freeway. The best way to get motorists to take the next exit and visit their showroom was with giant, high contrast panel signs. We installed them high up, so drivers could see them from far away and wouldn’t need to slam on the brakes or cut off other cars to get over to the off ramp. Panel signs are a popular option because of their sophisticated appearance and versatility. Since aluminum is durable and affordable, we typically use aluminum composite panels as the backing for this signage. Dimensional Letter Signs Shields Manufacturing came to us with a somewhat intricate logo when they…

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