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New Store Signs

1709 Records “Spins In” with New Store Opening Signage!

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These days, vinyl is a sought after commodity. From music lovers to sign makers, vinyl is valued for its durability and versatility. So, maybe we use completely different vinyl from what the record companies put out: the sentiment is still the same. 1709 Records recognizes the power of vinyl and contacted Specialty Graphics Solutions for new store opening signs for Vancouver, WA.

1709 Records? That Can’t Be enough to Open a Shop

1709 isn’t a reference to how many albums 1709 Records has. Rather, it’s their address number on Broadway Street in Vancouver. They’re the newest record store to hit the area, specializing in buying, selling, and trading vinyl albums. The new shop is owned by Miki Rodgers and her husband, who plays in a rock and roll band.

When such a cool vinyl shop contacted us for window graphics for new stores opening in Vancouver, WA, we couldn’t wait to introduce them to some of our vinyl. Miki at 1709 Records contacted us about producing window graphics for their storefront window and glass entry door as well as updating a blade sign with their branding. We helped them out with this and more!

What We Rocked out for 1709 Records

1709 Records’ location has a big storefront window: perfect for us to lay down some vinyl. To get the party started, we used Avery High Performance Calendared Vinyl to produce the six foot wide cut vinyl text.

The print vinyl sign for the glass entry door was a little trickier. Miki wanted us to include the 1709 Records logo which features a black vinyl record. Unfortunately, dark images don’t play well on glass. Our mighty sign maker Jason collaborated with Miki to come up with an additional design element to rectify this problem: musical notes on a white band as a background for the record. This made it more visible and interesting. And, we achieved the look with Oracal 3651RA intermediate vinyl with protective laminate to ensure the graphics would still be a hit for many years to come.

There was already an existing, double-sided aluminum blade sign hanging above the awning out front. Rather than removing it and installing something else, we were able to put 36” by 20” graphics featuring 1709’s branding on the blade sign. Again, for this, we used one of our greatest hits: Oracal 3651RA with protective laminate.

Now, Miki didn’t ask us about a “Coming Soon” banner for 1709 Records, but we included it in the bid anyway because, even though they aren’t opening their doors to the public until October, it’s never too early to let people know what’s in store. Miki loved the idea when she got the bid on August 13th. The sixth annual Sip & Stroll was scheduled for the 15th, and the route went right by their storefront. They needed the banner in a hurry to expose more than a thousand people to their branding. We told her no problem, and printed up the banner on the 14th.

In the end, 1709 Records was completely satisfied. They’re already in talks with us about A Boards, also called A-frame signs, to place in strategic spots to lure in potential customers.

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