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Lobby sign with company logo flanking computer monitor on wall

Conference and Training Room Signs

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Expressing your values is important, just like safety.  These vinyl wall graphics are displayed in Frontier Landscape and Tree Service’s conference and training room.  The design is simple but the message is very clear.  Think safe and be safe. Here’s a little information about wall graphics: Wall Graphics Description:  These vinyl wall graphics are made with an air release vinyl that adheres nicely to walls.   This type of vinyl is very forgiving during installation.  And easy to replace when your message changes.  After the graphics are printed on our state of the art Roland full-color digital printer they must out-gas for about 24 hours before we apply the protective clear laminate.  This prevents bubbling and keeps the graphic looking good for a long time.  Speaking of gasses… Questions? Drop us a line at hello@SGSgraphic.com or call us at (360) 635-5556 and unless we’re up to our elbows in alligators, a live person will answer. If you leave a message we will call you back pronto.

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Don’t Want a Traditional Lobby Sign in Portland?

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As we’re bombarded with messages on walls, cars, buildings, windows, and even floors, it’s grown increasingly difficult to catch our attention visually. That means your traditional lobby sign won’t cut it anymore. In fact, thinking outside of the box isn’t even good enough. You need to travel to a different planet from that box. And, as the best place to buy lobby signs in Portland, Oregon, Specialty Graphic Solutions can take you there. Here are some ahead-of-their-time options that are noticeable and memorable. Backlit Lobby Signs Will Eclipse the Competition Imagine the whole city is staring up at the sun waiting for a solar eclipse. Then, instead of the moon passing in front of the sun, it’s a lobby sign with your logo on it. This is essentially what it looks like when you choose backlit lobby signs, except you won’t horribly blind everyone who enters your business. We use bright LED lights that are still significantly less powerful than the sun yet efficient and environmentally-friendly. These markers create a sophisticated halo effect on any wall they’re mounted to. You Don’t Need Special Glasses for This 3D Look Okay, so dimensional letters with logos aren’t that uncommon, and many traditional signs consist of dimensional letters. However, there are exciting new things that we can do to make your dimensional lobby sign really pop. It all comes down to materials. Here are some material options that’ll give you an unconventional appearance: Sign Foam – Sign foam is a favorite for dimensional letters because it can achieve a thickness of up to four inches. Plus, we can paint it any color you want, add digitally-printed graphics, or cover the letters and logo with a laminate. Metal Laminate – Speaking of laminates, metal laminate is the bomb. We use a thin layer of…

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Wall Graphics Brighten the Offices of Evosus Software in Vancouver!

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Moving into new digs is a natural part of owning a business. As you expand or the landlord hikes the rent, you need to find a new place. Often times, the new location isn’t exactly what you want. The death metal record label that previously inhabited your unit may have left all sorts of questionable symbols on the walls. Or, the previous renters may have been a little too into the color pink. Whatever the reason, you need to make the interior of your space fit your company culture, and you probably need to do so on a shoestring budget. Evosus recently realized this, so they contacted Specialty Graphic Solutions for office wall graphics for software companies in Vancouver, WA. What Does Evosus Do? Located in the Hazel Dell neighborhood of Vancouver, Evosus makes point-of-sale and business management software. They got their start back in 2001 when a service manager for an area hot tub dealer realized that pool and spa companies needed business management software. They’ve since expanded to supply card, mobile, client, payroll, and backup and disaster recovery services for a wide array of industries. When an enterprise that provides such valuable services for businesses throughout the region came to us for office wall graphics and murals in Vancouver, WA, we got right down to work. Evosus had recently moved into a new office, and they wanted to make it their own. We knew wall graphics would be just the ticket. We Gave Evosus the SGS Treatment Our first step of the process was to send out our Mighty Sign Maker Jason to the Evosus offices to run a vinyl test on the walls. Paint and vinyl adhesives don’t always play well together. Some paints can be extra finicky. Our “measure twice, cut once” solution for this is…

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