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Custom Trade Show Displays in Vancouver WA for Consulting Firms

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Sponsoring a local event is a great way to give back to the community. However, just because you’re being benevolent in your giving, it doesn’t mean that you can’t also use this opportunity to boost your organization’s name recognition. One way to get your brand out there is with event displays. Salsbury & Co wanted to make the most of their upcoming event, so they contacted Specialty Graphic Solutions for trade show banner stands in Vancouver, WA. What Is Salsbury & Co? No, Salsbury & Co isn’t a company that specializes in Salisbury steaks, though you may want to get some lunch soon if your mind went there. Salsbury & Co is actually an organization that was created to help small business owners realize their unique goals.  April Salsbury founded the company, which employs a team of talented consultants who help small businesses avoid common pitfalls and build solid foundations for success. When such a dynamic local enterprise came to us for custom trade show displays in Vancouver, WA, we jumped at the chance to help. They were sponsoring a golf tournament and needed some marketing displays to show off what they’re capable of. Fortunately, they contacted the right signage professionals for the job. We Gave Them the SGS Treatment When we met with Salsbury, they already knew exactly what they wanted. They‘d already worked with the superb graphic designer and one of our favorite people, Lori Reed at Reed Creative, on a design for their displays. They wanted us to take the graphics and apply them to a retractable banner and a smaller tabletop easel stand. We said “Aye aye, captain!” and got down to work. First of all, we took the designs and printed out a huge 31.5” by 83.25” vertical banner with vibrant full-color graphics using our…

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Event Signs and Graphics for Fall Festivals in Vancouver WA

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It’s too warm and sunny to think about fall, right? Well, not to be a Debby Downer, but the rain will be back eventually. We still have plenty of great weather ahead, but it doesn’t hurt businesses to prepare for the many fall events in Vancouver. Each fall, there are dozens of festivals and other events in the area, and when you take part in these, you really increase your company’s exposure. Thankfully, Specialty Graphic Solutions is here to help you build your brand awareness with signs and graphics for fall festivals in Vancouver, WA. Table Throws No, table throws aren’t the hottest new festival game to hit the Pacific Northwest. They fabric covers that provide a smart way for you to market your brand while camouflaging ugly brown tables and hiding the boxes you use to carry your marketing materials. We add custom colors and prints to the throws to get your message across. They’re essentially the Dude’s rug of event graphics: they’ll really tie your booth together. Canopy Tents Outdoor events in the fall in Vancouver are like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re gonna get…when it comes to the weather. You might get a lot of rain, or summer may not want to give up, and the sun’s rays could be beating down. You don’t have to worry about either of these scenarios when you have a canopy tent. The easy to assemble and transport tents are typically ten feet by ten feet, which will comfortably protect five people from Mother Nature’s rage. A-Frames In Historic Downtown Camas, you can expect plenty of foot traffic during the Annual Pumpkin Pageant. Vancouver businesses along Main Street get a lot of patrons during the Drink This! event. How can you get the attention of these consumers?…

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Retractable Banner Stands: Not Just for Trade Shows!

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For the most part, companies only dust off their retractable banner stands when trade show season comes along. Once their convention is over, the banners are tossed back into a closet and forgotten about until Seth in marketing has another event. At Specialty Graphic Solutions, we believe in unlocking retractable banner stands from their storage prisons and letting them market all year round. After all, we’re all about responsibly-raised everything in the Pacific Northwest, why not use free-range retractable banner stands? To help you learn more about how to best utilize retractable banner stands in Vancouver, WA, we put together this little guide. Here are some of the best uses: Retail Marketing We have discussed the benefits of using a variety of wall signs in retail stores to promote particular departments or seasonal lines. However, you may not have space on your walls. When you need something small and temporary or your lease doesn’t allow you to install more signs, a retractable banner stand will save the day. It’s the perfect way to promote your new gluten-free product line. Welcome Signs A welcome sign displayed in your reception area is the ideal way to put your banner stand to work for you. Guests will see the stands each time they enter your lobby. In addition, without spending an arm and a leg on something permanent, you add a colorful splash to your interior design. And, you can change out the banner as your décor changes or if you just get tired of the artwork. It sure beats redecorating your entire office! Backdrops Retractable banner stands don’t always have to be front row center. They also work behind your receptionist’s desk as a backdrop. This is just another trick to spiff up the décor in your lobby area. POS Displays No,…

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Learn How We Make Our Retractable Banner Stands!

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Our clients frequently have three requests when they come to Specialty Graphic Solutions for trade show displays. They want something that’ll work like a siren song and bring in attendees for a closer look. They want their exhibit to be affordable. And, they want it to last for years to come. Oh yeah, and they need something that they can put together easily on their own. All of these criteria and more are met by retractable banners stands for Vancouver, WA. But, how do they work? Are they right for your purposes? These questions and more will be answered in today’s blog post! How We Make Your Retractable Banners Customers are usually pretty surprised to find out that the graphics in their retractable – or pull up – banner stand are interchangeable. To demonstrate the wizardry behind the banners, we thought it would be interesting to show you how to assemble retractable banner stands with new graphics: -First, we print the graphics on special anti-curl pop-up banner stock and trim it to size. This is a smooth vinyl with a matte finish. It rolls back into the stand nicely when you’re done. And, since there isn’t a high-gloss finish, the lights don’t glare off the beautiful artwork. -Next, we unlock the tension mechanism in the base of the banner stand and clamp the stand to our production table. -We then position the graphics and attach the bottom of the print to the tension mechanism in the base. -The top rail of the stand is attached to the top of the graphics. -Next, we lock the tension mechanism back into place so the graphics will roll smoothly back into the banner stand. -Finally, we set up your banners so they look great and help your organization get noticed! When your old…

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Budgeting Tips for Your Next Trade Show

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The cost of buying an exhibit space at a trade show is just one of many expenses when it comes to attending a convention. There’s also travel and lodging, show services, exhibit design and construction, exhibit shipping, and the price of enough Frappuccinos to keep you on your feet and engaging prospective leads from the time the doors open until they close. We recently came across a “Budgeting for Dummies” article in EXHIBITOR Magazine that included a lot of great information for figuring out how expensive your next trade show experience will cost you. We encourage you to read the entire article, but for those of you who are time strapped, here’s our tl;dr (“too long; didn’t read”) collection of budgeting tips for trade shows. Three Main Budgeting Strategies When you need to make a quick ballpark estimate of how much to budget for a trade show, use one of these three strategies: Cost-per-Square Foot Calculation – Average your past exhibiting costs to get an idea of future costs. To do this, you add up the costs associated with each of the previous year’s shows and divide each by the booths’ square footage. You then multiply this average by the number of square feet you will have at the upcoming show. Cost-per-Lead Calculation – Average the cost per lead from past shows to get your future expenses. You do this by dividing the costs of past events by the number of leads they generated. You then multiply this number by how many leads you expect at the upcoming show. Space-Cost Calculation – One of the fastest and least scientific ways to determine how much you can expect to spend is to multiple the exhibit space cost by three. Why’s that? Industry surveys show that the typical exhibitor spends three times…

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The Amazement Continues with Eco-Friendly Banners Made from Recycled Banner Material!

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What can plastic bottles be used for? First off, you often see people carting around a plastic bottle with their beverage of choice, whether it’s artisanal New York City tap water or carbonated, dyed high fructose corn syrup water. Once you’re done with your drink, you just toss it into the Columbia to let it make its way to the giant trash island in the Pacific, right? We sure hope not! Nowadays, most of us understand the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling our waste. When you toss your plastic bottle into the recycling bin, there’s now a chance that it could be used to create an attention grabbing banner for your business. Witchcraft, you say? Please don’t get the angry mob together before you read a little more about banners made from recycled materials in Vancouver, WA. Banners Made of Weaves of Green We turn to Aurora Specialty Textiles Group, Inc. for our green banners. They have an environmentally-friendly line of printable textiles known as Weaves of Green. Specifically, we use the Act II banner stock made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled polyester. The polyester for these banners comes from plastic drinking bottles. “No Way! Show Me What You’ve Done with This Material!” Your wish is our command! We’ve recently completed three projects using Weaves of Green. A new restaurant in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Sandcastle, came to us for a construction site banner. They were opening a location in a city park and wanted a sustainable way to announce the new place to eat. Also in Minnesota, this time in Northfield, we had clients in need of a way to congratulate the recent graduates of St. Olaf College’s Environmental Studies program. A single use banner made from scratch wouldn’t do. The post-consumer recycled polyester was just the ticket! Our Latest…

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Trade Show Displays & Graphics Faded? Invest in the Best

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Have you ever paid for a spot at a trade show and discovered they’ve stuck you in Timbuktu because it’s your first time at the event? You go out for coffee and get more leads waiting in line than all day at the show. With trade show season in full swing, it’s not too late to update your look to drive attendees to your booth wherever it’s located. After all, even Timbuktu is a popular tourist destination. Must Have Trade Show Displays If you show up with outdate, old, tattered, or mustard and ketchup stained displays and you are not attending a hot dog convention, there is a good chance you could hurt your enterprise’s reputation. This makes it imperative that you make sure your displays are always trade show ready. If you’re in need of an update, here are today’s top picks: Retractable Banners Retractable banners are the Louie Armstrong of trade show displays: classic, versatile, and always on point. They’re a must if you want to have a successful show presentation. These banners make the setup of an exhibit quick and simple even if you’re working alone. They easily retract into the bottom cassette for simple storage, and we digitally print whatever you want onto the banner. They also work great in your lobby after the event. Back Walls and Table Throws With back walls, you can separate your booth from the exhibit space right behind you. Plus, they invite attendees closer for a better look as well as draw them to your tables for more information. Allow your back walls to complement your table throws. By keeping the colors and customized prints the same, you’ll get a harmonious look that is interesting and aesthetically pleasing. Plus, it’ll help build your brand! Floor Graphics Much like one might…

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5 Reasons To Use Retractable Banners

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Five Reasons to Use Retractable Banners Take your show on the road!  Or display your message close to home!  Either way, a retractable banner is an essential tool for getting your message noticed.  These 5 things make retractable banners – or pull up banners – a great marketing aid. The National Society of Tax Professionals’ banner stand is the EZ version of trade show displays! Easy to set up Have a minute?  That literally is all you’ll need to set up most retractable banners.  Take the stand out of the carry case, take the telescoping pole out of the case and insert it into the stand, pull up the banner and hook it to the top of the telescoping pole.  That’s it!  You’ve got a great looking and effective display without breaking a sweat. Easy to transport Once you’re done, use the spring mechanism in the base to roll the graphic back up into the stand, put the telescoping pole away and use the travel case to store everything easily.  Most travel cases have a shoulder strap as well as a handle so it’s easy to put it in your car, take it with you to the airport or box it up with other display materials.  And it only weighs a few pounds – so no need for extra reps in the gym just so you can carry your banner stand to the next show. Available in lots of sizes & shapes Need something to fill the back wall of a 10′ booth?  Got it.  Have just a table top to work with?  No problem.  Most banner stands are about 30″ – 36″ wide and 76″ – 86″ tall.  But these pull up banners come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.  From a 24 inch tall table top model…

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