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Rebranding Signs

It’s a Plaid, Plaid World – iQ Credit Union’s Gets Decked Out

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One of our favorite things at SGS is finding out what the new quarterly campaign theme is going to be for iQ Credit Union. They always bring us their amazing ideas and we have a blast bringing them to life. Then we went plaid!

It was simple really, instead of “putting a bird on it” we’d just being going mad for plaid. The mighty signmakers of SGS really got to flex their vinyl skills when it came to all the wrapping. What did we wrap? Bikes! Barrows! A swag wagon! A car!

The team certainly leveled up on reassembling bikes…

 Ready to roll out!  Ready to roll out!

The print was an extra challenge because the lines meant it needed a precise application or it would look crooked. But this didn’t thwart SGS and the cruisers and wheel barrows left with a flawless finish and perfectly plaid. The bikes were in various branches throughout the Vancouver area and members could enter to win them.

The biggest piece in the campaign was the swag wagon. The wagon, formerly a plain delivery truck, was upgraded with the plaid print and the iQ logo. It certainly fits in the northwest and will catch eyes when its out in the community. Even better, if iQ decides the wagon needs to be changed up – the wrap can be removed and we can give it a totally new look.

 Seek the UniQue!  Seek the UniQue!

In going plaid, we met Woodchuck Norris. Chuck was featured on parking signs and giant A-frame signs as well. And, he’s even got his best flannel on to coordinate with the campaign.

 Just your friendly, neighborhood woodchuck to welcome you!  Just your friendly, neighborhood woodchuck to welcome you!

iQ even carried the plaid over to their website. The homepage featured members in red plaid to tie the whole promotion together. They took a simple idea and applied it in many different ways to make an impact. iQ shows that an impactful campaign doesn’t need to be some massive and elaborate idea. Just a straightforward element like plaid can be twisted and can be used so you get noticed.

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Rebranding Signage for a Senior Living Community in Vancouver WA

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Do you have an older relative that has worn the same style clothing since the ‘70s? It kind of makes you think they’re stuck in the past, doesn’t it? Well, the same goes for branding. Vancouver Pointe Senior Village likes to keep things fresh, so when they rebranded recently, they contacted the freshest sign shop in town, Specialty Graphic Solutions, for rebranding signs for senior living communities in Vancouver, WA.

Vancouver Pointe Senior Village Celebrates the Art of Life

Located on Northeast 66th Avenue near Vancouver Mall, Vancouver Pointe Senior Village, formerly Vancouver Village, prides itself on not being a “rest home” or an “institution.” They provide their residents with independent lifestyles in a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere. They take care of maintenance, meal planning, housekeeping, home repair, and other daily concerns so residents can spend more time visiting with friends, enjoying social opportunities, skateboarding, BMX biking, or doing whatever their hearts desire.

When an organization that does so much to improve the quality of life of local golden agers came to us for rebranding signage for Vancouver, WA, we wasted no time in lending a hand. We did A LOT of work for them, and none of us are getting any younger, so let’s get into the specifics:

On-Point Signage for Vancouver Pointe

During our initial meeting with the client, we learned about the rebranding and name change. We performed a site survey and checked out all of their branded signage. They wanted us to update all of it with their new look. Here’s what we did:

Panel Sign – At the back of the community, there’s a concrete wall that’s next to Andersen Road, a major traffic artery. They wanted to advertise to all of the motorists and passengers driving by. For this, we used a rust-resistant aluminum composite sign panel with full-color digital print. We then added a special anti-graffiti laminate to make clean up easier if and when scofflaws have their way with it. We mounted the sign directly to the formed concrete wall.

Temporary Monument Sign Face – Vancouver Pointe was still on the fence about what to put on their monument, so as a temporary solution, we installed a digitally-printed PVC sign panel featuring their new branding directly on the face of the existing concrete monument sign.

Banners – We added two large 5’-by-18’ banners at the covered entrance to Vancouver Pointe. These will be up for the new few months to help folks find them and to welcome new visitors.

Sandwich Board Signs – Lastly, we also updated the names and logos on several sandwich board signs that are used to direct visitors to the community for daily tours.

In the end, Vancouver Pointe was completely satisfied with the work we did. In fact, we’re currently in talks with them for new graphics for the community’s town car and shuttle bus. Plus, we’ll be working on the new monument sign as soon as the plans are finalized!

As you rebrand, don’t forget your signage! Contact the mighty sign makers at Specialty Graphic Solutions today for a free consultation on rebranding signs!