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Reception Area Sign for Biggs Insurance in Vancouver!

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Is there any industry more competitive than the insurance industry? You can just smell the desperation dripping from that long-lost-and-forgotten high school acquaintance as they run into you at the Wine and Jazz Festival or other events and promptly start asking about whether you have life insurance. Smart insurance agencies don’t need to rely on awkward “natural marketing.” They realize that branding is the key to sales success. If your insurance company’s name is ingrained in people’s heads, then you’re the one they’ll contact when they need homeowner’s insurance. Biggs’ Insurance Services is well aware of this, so they contacted the mighty sign makers at Specialty Graphic Solutions for reception area signs for insurance agencies in Vancouver, WA. What’s the Biggs Deal? No, Biggs Insurance Services isn’t the insurance company started by American Pie star Jason Biggs after they stopped making straight-to-DVD sequels. They go back much further than that. In 1935, two brothers founded The Whitfield Company real estate and insurance agency. Don Biggs purchased the company in the ‘50s and gave it his name. Now, from the corporate office on Main Street in Vancouver, they offer auto insurance, homeowner’s insurance, surety bonds, risk management services, life insurance, and much more. When a business that does such a good job of keeping local individuals and businesses from facing financial disaster came to us for lobby signs for insurance agencies in Vancouver, WA, we were glad to be of assistance. They have a nice dimensional letter sign on the exterior of their building, but they wanted a way to welcome clients into their reception area. We knew just what to do. We Had Biggs Ideas We met with Biggs to discuss their ideas for the project, and so we could take a closer look at their venue. They had a…

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3 Examples of Logo Lobby Signs You Can Have Too!

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Today, we’re going to look at some lobby signs. However, these are no ordinary lobby signs. We don’t make ordinary signs at Specialty Graphics Solutions. In fact, if you were to come into our shop and ask for an ordinary sign, we’d send you packing! Well, maybe not. We’re a business after all, and we try to keep all of our customers happy regardless of how ordinary their signage request is. Anyway, without further hypotheticals, let’s look at some excellent examples of logo lobby signs in Vancouver, WA. PhD Labs Shows off Its Innovative Edge with Brushed Aluminum   PhD Labs prides themselves on being passionate about their work. This is something the mighty sign makers at SGS definitely appreciate. They haven’t been around for long, which tells clients one of two things: their business will likely experience hiccups and have trouble completing work, or they’ll demonstrate passionate exuberance as they try to make a name for themselves. We witnessed firsthand that it’s the latter. To really drive this home, we recommended an innovative brushed aluminum laminate sign. Each of the features of their logo, including the intricate boiling flask, was routed out of plastic. We then applied a thin layer of real aluminum. We then installed the new marker for maximum impact. Now, their lobby sign projects professionalism and that they’re here to stay. They loved it so much they posted about it on Instagram! Voxel Farm’s Branding Jumps out at You with Standoff Mounting Voxel Farm is another innovative business that wanted their logo lobby sign to represent their company culture. We recommended using affordable plastic letters painted to match their branding. They thought that was a pretty smart idea. As with the above markers, we routed each of the elements of the logo. We then carefully matched…

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Custom Interior Lobby Signs Shine for Vesta Hospitality

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When Vesta Hospitality moved into new corporate offices they knew they needed a great lobby sign that would convey both the company image and leadership’s commitment to excellence for every one of its hotel projects. We designed a classic dimensional letter sign using the company’s logo to be featured above the new reception desk.  Routed and painted PVC letters spell out Vesta Hospitality in two different sizes so that Vesta is the most prominent word in the sign.  The logo’s stylized circle was created with a brushed aluminum finish.  All of the individual letters and shapes were mounted on studs or directly to the wall to create 3 different variations in height off the wall – small detail that makes for a big impact. Vesta leaders also wanted nameplates outside each executive team member’s office.  Instead of using standard nameplates, we used the circle in the Vesta logo to make unique, custom nameplates.  Using the same brushed aluminum finish featured on the lobby sign, we created one-of-a-kind nameplate bases and simply used cut vinyl for the individual names. Vesta Hospitality has impressive new corporate offices.  But more importantly, Vesta brings a dynamic energy to hospitality and hotel management and offers a complete range of services including project funding, hotel management, hotel development and purchasing. Whether you are looking to create new signs for a new location or update existing lobby signs and nameplates, we’re the sign company that can help you find a solution for your unique needs.  Want to talk to us? You can call us at 360-635-5556. Send us an email at hello@sgsgraphic.com or fill out the form below by clicking the button. I need lobby signs Want more? Sign up for our newsletter. We only fill your inbox once a month or less.            …

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