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The Perfect Retail and POS Displays

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Have you ever wondered why the candy bars are always next to the cash registers at grocery stores? As you watch the conveyor take your food far away from you rumbling stomach, you might be tempted to buy one of those candy bars. Maybe you do. Those candy bars are where they are for a reason. There’s a good chance you’re hungry after food shopping and once you’re in line, there’s nowhere to go but to the lonely streets of Chocolate Bar City, where everyone regrets. This precise type of marketing can be done with signs too. Using the clever deployment of retail and point of sale signs, you can increase the visibility of your products at the most beneficial place. Pick the Best Spot Retail and point of sale signs are meant to display products and specials in a way that focuses attention on products you want to sell. But they have to be placed carefully and have the right kind of message. You don’t want to trick people into purchasing your products, you want to show people the top qualities of your products at a place they’ll be noticed. For example, like the candy bars at the checkout counter, you might want to put an advertisement for your member rewards service at the point of sale (POS). The POS is where you sell your items. It’s where the customer pays for their purchases. So, if you have a member rewards program and you offer a ten percent discount on your first purchase when a client joins, having a sign that says that at the place where your customer pulls out their wallets can get that noticed more than having it on a clothing rack. It’s all about location. Pick the Best Graphics Using the right image for your…

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Grab Attention with these Retail Advertising Signs in Portland OR!

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What’s the best way to get consumers interested in your products? If your items are small enough to fit in your hand, you could connect a couple of them together with a short chain and have a karate master swing them around like nunchakus. If your goods are larger, you could have children ride on the products you’re trying to sell like they’re ponies. Of course, these two solutions don’t really show off what your products are capable of, unless, of course, you sell nunchakus or ponies. Consequently, you’ll just have to rely on retail advertising signs in Portland, OR. Fortunately, Specialty Graphic Solutions has some great ideas for you. Check it out! Menu Boards Our menu boards are anything but boring. They’re a favorite in restaurants because they fulfill an array of needs, like complementing your interior décor, building your brand recognition, and displaying colorful photographs of your best-selling dishes. For easier readability, we usually group menu items by type. For instance, at your pizza parlor, we’d recommend separate sections for pizzas, calzones, subs, and more. Point-of-Sale Graphics These graphics are a real POS. No, we’re not saying their total crap. For retailers, POS means “point-of-sale.” And, POS graphics are a must if you want to encourage those impulse purchases. In addition to boosting sales for specific products, you can also use these markers to promote your customer loyalty programs or to get consumers to sign up for store credit cards. Vinyl Wall Graphics Our phone is ringing off the hook with business owners calling about wall graphics. This product is catching on because it can be used for just about anything. Since it’s less expensive, less stinky, and quicker than painting, wall murals are the perfect way to update interior designs. Wall graphics can highlight famous, attractive, and/or…

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Vinyl Wrapped Columns Advertise for Pendleton at Portland International Airport

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Even with the best instructions possible, the easiest graphics installation job can be a hassle. Without the right tools and experience, you’ll be lucky if you just have air bubbles and creases. Most of the time, the graphics will just look off. Pendleton Woolen Mills needed an expert touch, so they contacted Specialty Graphic Solutions for vinyl column wraps for retail stores in airports. A Little Info on Pendleton Woolen Mills and Portland International Airport Headquartered on Pendleton Way in Washougal, Pendleton Woolen Mills has been a family-owned business for 150 years. The intricate patterns of their world-class woolen blankets are inspired by Native American legends and designs. They produce luxurious, lightweight 100% pure virgin wool clothing. These days, their products are available in department stores, Pendleton stores, and traditional specialty stores in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Korea, and Japan. The Portland International Airport (PDX) is a local celebrity in its own right.  Ranked as America’s Best Airport by Travel & Leisure magazine for the past four years, PDX offers great food and retail options for busy travelers – including an impressive Pendleton store. What We Did for Pendleton at PDX When Pendleton approached us for help with vinyl column wraps at PDX our installation crew took flight to offer a hand. You see, the best-laid plans of mice and retailers often go awry. The marketing team at Pendleton wanted to implement a creative marketing campaign at PDX, where they have a retail store. The Plan: Wrap several large pillars in the main retail area of the airport’s departure level with graphics that showed their iconic 100% wool blankets around trees. The Problem: Installation of several of the column wraps went off without a hitch. But, they were having trouble with two of them. Since the installation wasn’t…

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Floor Graphics in Vancouver WA: More Than Just Wayfinding Signs!

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As you make your way on foot from point A to point B, what are you doing with your eyes? I mean, sure, they’re hanging out in your head seeing stuff, but in what direction are they looking? Chances are you’re taking this opportunity in your busy day to catch up with emails or social media on your smartphone. This device is probably held at waist-level – unless it’s your selfie power hour (we don’t judge). Consequently, your gaze is tilted down toward the floor. Well, savvy marketers have caught on to this and are now using floor space to advertise to you. Sure, you may be familiar with floor graphics pointing the way to various amenities within a facility, but these days, they’re being used for so much more. Here are some excellent uses for floor graphics in Vancouver, WA. Promotional Floor Graphics We’ll come clean with you: floor graphics in high-traffic areas don’t last as long as vinyl graphics in other locations. We use the best materials on the market, but even they will only last you for up to a year or so if you have aggressive steppers. To prolong the life of your floor graphics, you could lead a class in walking gently before anyone can enter your venue, or you can take advantage of floor graphics for your short-term promotions. For instance, our friends over at iQ Credit Union used paw-print floor graphics for one of their quarterly promotions. Notice that the graphics work on carpeting? That’s just the kind of wizardry you get when you contact us. Clients Will Be Floored by Your Logo Lobby signs are pretty cool. They let guests know they’ve found the right place and promote your brand. This is why you usually see pretty fancy logos on display on…

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ATM Wraps Will Market Your Credit Union or Bank! Here’s How!

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Some might say that signs are everywhere and that they’re blockin’ out the scenery and breakin’ our minds. Yet, others see a sign, and it opens up their eyes because life is demanding without understanding. iQ Credit Union wanted to block out the bland “scenery” of the plain sides of their ATM machines while opening up their members’ eyes to shared branching. So, of course, they contacted their friends at Specialty Graphic Solutions for ATM wraps for credit unions and banks in Vancouver, WA. Shout out to iQ Credit Union If you read our blog on the regular, you probably already know a bit about iQ Credit Union (iQCU). We’ll understand if you skip to the next paragraph. For the rest of you, you should know that iQCU has been providing the area with a wide array of financial services for more than three-quarters of a century. With their background serving the educational community, they now seek to boost the financial intelligence of everyone in the region. We never turn down a project with iQCU. We love working with their brilliant marketing team. So far, we have provided them with vehicle wraps, floor graphics, retail standups, point of purchase signs, several different cardboard cutouts, and a range of other office signs and graphics. This time, they called us up for ATM wraps for credit unions and banks in Vancouver, WA. We were happy to oblige. Up and ATM Our first step in the sign making process was to meet with the marketing team at iQCU. This wasn’t just because we like hanging out with them. We wanted to find out what they had in mind for this project. It turns out they had recently installed new shared banking ATMs in several of their local branches. They wanted our mighty sign…

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Use Retail Cut Outs in Vancouver for Ad Campaigns!

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How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Well, if that woodchuck is Wood Chuck Norris, he can chuck all of the wood…and rock and any other material that gets in his way. What does this have to do with anything? This and more will be covered as we look at the retail standups in Vancouver, WA that we produced for iQ Credit Union. You Probably Know Lots About iQ Credit Union by Now If you’re a regular around the Specialty Graphic Solutions blog, then you are probably familiar with iQ Credit Union (iQCU) by now. If not, we recommend you keep coming back and also learn about iQCU since they’ve been serving the region for over 75 years with a broad range of financial services. They’ve continually demonstrated their commitment to the educational community as well as the Clark County area as a whole. When iQCU calls, we answer. Well, we answer when anyone calls, but we consider ourselves lucky to have such great rapport with our credit union friends. In fact, we’ve produced floor graphics for them, many different cardboard cutouts, vehicle wraps, point of purchase signs, and various other office signs and graphics. This time, they wanted retail cutouts in Clark County, WA. We had just the solution. What We Did for iQCU Grabbing and keeping the attention of customers is a constant challenge for marketing teams. However, the crazy-good marketing team at iQCU makes it look easy. They regularly use life-size cutouts and standups to effectively communicate information about promotional campaigns. For this project, they initially asked us to make one standup of a plaid-shirted woodchuck they designed for a special promotion. It was such a hit that they called us up for a whole army of woodchucks: one for each…

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Retail Stores Signs in Portland: When Only the Best Will Do!

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There are a lot of ways to get people to come to your store. You can advertise your products at ridiculously low prices then have a large alligator guarding the items so you don’t have to sell them at a loss. You could convince the local election board to make your store a polling location. Or, you could just have Specialty Graphic Solutions create sweet exterior signs for you. Anyway, we’re not here to talk to you about ways to get people into your store. Today, we’re going to show you how to get people to flash their plastic once they’re inside your shop by examining the ABCs (“always be closing!”) of retail store signs in Portland, Oregon. Wall Graphics We’re getting an increasing number of calls from retailers looking for vinyl wall graphics. This is because they can be used for just about anything. Digitally printed wallpaper is the ideal way to change your interior décor since it’s faster, more affordable, and less stinky than painting. Showcase people enjoying your products with wall murals. Or, point the way to bestsellers and sales items with wayfinding wall decals. Point of Purchase Graphics When we’re given longer to think about buying something, we sometimes talk ourselves out of it. But, in the spur of the moment, we fill our carts with banana slicers and spider catchers. If you’re interested in driving those “spur of the moment” purchases, point of purchase signs are a must. POP markers are also ideal for promoting deals that are only available at your register, like signing up for store credit cards. Cardboard Cutouts and Banner Stands Banner stands and cardboard cutouts are both excellent additions to your retail space indoors and out. They help you advertise big promotions. For instance, if you have a “50% off when…

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Need Signs for Your Retail Promotion? iQ Credit Union Does it with Style!

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You can’t expect to cash in on the same promotion year after year. You’ve got to mix it up. iQCU realized this, so they called in the experts at SGS for point of purchase signs for Vancouver. iQCU? Is This a Test? No! iQCU isn’t some sort of test where people can see how smart you are. It’s one of our favorite clients: iQ Credit Union. They have more than a dozen branches throughout Southwest Washington. Since they were first founded in 1940, our financial friends have demonstrated a commitment to the educational community and the region as a whole. Their goal is to improve everyone’s financial intelligence. When such a valuable member of the community needed signs for retail promotions in Vancouver, they knew they could bank on SGS for help. If you did the math, you may have noticed that iQCU is celebrating their 75th year of serving the area. Each quarter they update their promotions, and for the latest quarter, the brilliant marketing team at iQ added even more fun and whimsy to their “legendary” theme. How We Took iQCU’s Promotion to Mythical Proportions For the new campaign at iQCU, they’re entering members who refer a friend into a drawing for a new kayak. So, of course, their mascot Sassy the Sasquatch simply had to take the kayak for a test drive. Now, at each iQ branch, you can find Sassy in a bright red personal flotation device, holding a summertime iQ drink Coolie in one hand, and a paddle in the other while sitting in a bright red kayak. Above new posters that showcase monstrous membership benefits, you can see amazing deals billowing from Mount St. Helens. Deal plates at each teller station highlight explosive loan rates. And, Gush Gush the Lacamas Lake Monster is the…

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Drinkers Drawn Into The Thirsty Sasquatch with Window Graphics & Sandwich Board Sign!

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A big hairy beast comes out of the mist. He has spent a long day toiling in the forests of the Pacific Northwest lugging around his massive feet and trying to avoid being seen, but now, he’s in need of libations. Which bar should he choose? The Thirsty Sasquatch recognized the need to advertise their business to parched consumers, so they called in the friendly and mighty sign makers of Specialty Graphic Solutions for sidewalk signs for Vancouver, WA. What Do Thirsty Sasquatches Drink? If the offerings at the The Thirsty Sasquatch are any indication, sasquatches have a diverse palate that includes local craft beers, small batch spirits, wine, ciders, root beer, and kombucha. Located on Main Street in Vancouver, they focus on procuring the best as well as hardest to find and most unique skillfully crafted beverages. In short – they revel in celebrating potent potables. When such a fun new business came to us for signs Vancouver WA brew fans would notice, our mighty sign makers got right down to work. The Thirsty Sasquatch needed a sidewalk sign to attract foot traffic as well as window graphics that would help build their brand and let dehydrated Washingtonians know they’ve found the right place. We Provided Them with Our Legendary Service For the sidewalk sign, we used a simple two-sided A-frame construction. The Thirsty Sasquatch already had a logo, so we simply incorporated it along with the typeface into the signage. We used a simple black and white print for maximum contrast. For the bar window graphics for Vancouver, WA, we used frosted cut vinyl to create the logo again. This gives the appearance that The Thirsty Sasquatch shelled out big money to have a professional etch their logo into the glass, but you and we know that this…

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primary color sign I Like Comics logo on exterior glass window

I Like Comics “Jesters” Up Interior and Exterior POP Signs!

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  Point of Purchase Signs You may read that title and wonder, “What are POP signs?” Nope, we’re not talking soda. POP is short for point of purchase signs”.  This popular type of signage can be found in just about any retail store. This is because it’s one of the most effective ways to let customers know about your must-have products as well as to build your brand. I Like Comics recognized this, so they contacted the mighty sign makers at Specialty Graphic Solutions for retail store POP signs Vancouver WA comic fans will appreciate. We Like I Like Comics If you are like us, when you think of comic book stores, the Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons comes to mind. Fortunately, the people at I Like Comics are not snobby and sarcastic like The Simpsons character. I Like Comics is owned by Chris and Amy Simons. Their store recently opened up on Broadway Street as a result of two smaller comic stores merging to form one larger business. I Like Comics buys and sells original artwork, comic books, statues, graphic novels, and other collectibles. Plus, they provide deals on subscription boxes. What We Did When a company that is so active in our community came to us for signage, we sprang into action faster than a superhero off to save a damsel in distress. For I Like Comics, we produced a wide array of interior and exterior signs. For the outside of the store, we created and installed a full color, laminated print logo on their front window. On the door to the storefront, we listed the hours of operation and contact information using standard vinyl lettering. Hanging from the awning at the store entrance, we installed a double sided blade sign. This features the store’s logo print…

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