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Use Retail Cut Outs in Vancouver for Ad Campaigns!

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How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Well, if that woodchuck is Wood Chuck Norris, he can chuck all of the wood…and rock and any other material that gets in his way. What does this have to do with anything? This and more will be covered as we look at the retail standups in Vancouver, WA that we produced for iQ Credit Union. You Probably Know Lots About iQ Credit Union by Now If you’re a regular around the Specialty Graphic Solutions blog, then you are probably familiar with iQ Credit Union (iQCU) by now. If not, we recommend you keep coming back and also learn about iQCU since they’ve been serving the region for over 75 years with a broad range of financial services. They’ve continually demonstrated their commitment to the educational community as well as the Clark County area as a whole. When iQCU calls, we answer. Well, we answer when anyone calls, but we consider ourselves lucky to have such great rapport with our credit union friends. In fact, we’ve produced floor graphics for them, many different cardboard cutouts, vehicle wraps, point of purchase signs, and various other office signs and graphics. This time, they wanted retail cutouts in Clark County, WA. We had just the solution. What We Did for iQCU Grabbing and keeping the attention of customers is a constant challenge for marketing teams. However, the crazy-good marketing team at iQCU makes it look easy. They regularly use life-size cutouts and standups to effectively communicate information about promotional campaigns. For this project, they initially asked us to make one standup of a plaid-shirted woodchuck they designed for a special promotion. It was such a hit that they called us up for a whole army of woodchucks: one for each…

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