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Sign Refurbishing

Need Monument Sign Facings in Vancouver WA?

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In the movie Face/Off, John Travolta, an FBI Special Agent, and Nicolas Cage, a homicidal psychopath, exchange faces as part of a convoluted plot. Everyone is confused because the man with nice guy Travolta’s face is doing some gruesome stuff. What happens next doesn’t really matter.

The movie was created to serve as a metaphor for what happens when your business’s signs have the face of the previous occupant. People get confused (and there might be explosions). Just Us Advertising wanted to avoid a Face/Off scenario, so they contacted Specialty Graphic Solutions for monument sign facings in Vancouver, WA.

What Is Just Us?

Just Us isn’t the follow-up to Tiffany’s hit song “I Think We’re Alone Now.” Just Us Advertising is a Vancouver business that specializes in developing, executing, and managing traditional advertising and internet marketing campaigns for growing companies. Located on Northeast 88th Street, they combine the most innovative online marketing technology with traditional advertising and marketing tactics to enable prosperity and growth for developing, mature, and startup businesses. They focus on chiropractic marketing, dental marketing, and small business marketing.

When an organization that does such an outstanding job of helping small businesses in the area came to us for monument sign facings in Vancouver, WA, we knew we could do the job justice. They had a great brick monument sign outside of their new location. They just needed their branding on the monument instead of the previous occupant’s info. We knew just what to do.

We Helped Just Us Save Face

Some sign companies would waltz into this project and insist that they needed to reinvent the wheel. They’d knock the brick structure down and haul the rubble off to the dump. That’s just not how we roll. Mother Nature is our homey, and when replacing signs, we look to salvage as much of the old sign as possible. By doing this, we also save you some money.

So, our first step for this project was to meet with Just Us Advertising and their sign. The monument seemed to be doing well. And, based on the client’s budget and vision, we recommended just adding a new panel to the old sign. They liked this idea, and once they approved of the art proof we provided them with, we got down to work.

We printed the sharp graphics out on top-quality vinyl using our large format digital printer. The vinyl was then applied to the panels, one for each side of the monument. We also added a vinyl overlaminate to protect the graphics far into the future. Overlaminate may sound like some made-up product that a car salesman will try to get you to pay extra for when you don’t really need it, but it really does an effective job of keeping graphics from fading in the sun.

Once the signage was ready, we worked with Just Us Advertising’s schedule to install it when we wouldn’t disrupt their business. In the end, they were thrilled with the work we did. Now, they expose everyone in the area to their branding.

If your signs need a makeover, contact the mighty sign makers at SGS today for a free consultation on sign refacing!

It’s Sign Refurbishing in Portland for Barnhart Crane!

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Located at 8330 N.E. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard, Barnhart Crane & Rigging is famous for its use of 18-ton to 1,800-ton cranes as well as custom-designed modular lift tower technology that has gotten the business quite a bit of press coverage. With so much hardware on hand locally, it made sense to the business’ management team to consolidate its cranes into a North Portland yard locale. The company found a perfect venue – complete with a dilapidated sign that had seen better days a few decades ago.

Why Yes, We DO Handle Sign Refurbishing in Portland, Oregon

 This old sign really needed an update!

This old sign really needed an update!

The company’s management team knew that our sign pros could handle this project and entrusted us with the refurbishing job. Before coaxing the setup into the current century, we gave it a thorough once-over for safety. After all, there is little point in putting a pretty face on a structure that the next wind gust sends tumbling to the ground. Once we were able to verify that the sign’s “bones” were in excellent shape, we got to work.

The setup involves an upper section that measures 16 feet in length and 70 inches in height as well as a bottom section that measures 12 feet in length and 36 inches in height. The frame was designed for this split layout, which we decided to keep intact. One of the biggest advantages this product brings to the table is the double-sided display option. Always on the lookout for versatility in signage, our team was pleased with this design.

It’s Clean; It’s New; It Spells out “Barnhart Minds Over Matter”

 What a difference!

What a difference!

Going for the gusto, we printed full-color digital graphics for the upper and lower sign sections. As usual, we selected Oracal vinyl because of its outstanding properties. We followed up the imprint with an Oracal laminate to enhance the longevity of the display and preserve the great look of the colors. When the motto you feature is “Minds Over Matter,” you really cannot afford to show off the company’s presentation in a ho-hum manner.

Once printed, we installed the vinyl on 3mm Alupanel aluminum composite paneling. (You know how they say that cockroaches will survive us all in the case of a cataclysm? Well, roaches have nothing on 3mm aluminum panels.) This paneling then went up onto the sign frames. The upper portion now spells out the company’s name in white on red, while black lettering presents the company’s tagline in black print. The bottom sign identifies the location as the Portland branch of the enterprise and offers a website address.

Effective Marketing and Branding with Great-looking Signs

The new look of the sign is professional, stylish, and perfectly suited to brand Barnhart. These types of signage updates in Portland, Oregon, are more than just cosmetic. When you look at the before and after pictures of this job, you can almost feel the tiredness radiating from the old, ugly sign. Its new look, however, bespeaks an energetic company that is on the move and ready to tackle the day. This is the kind of brand message your customers can get behind.

Be honest; does your signage more closely resemble our before picture? No problem! Contact us today to find out what we can do to give your sign a makeover.